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Americans continue with their travel plan as soon as the vacations occur. Searching and finding the best domestic flight is one of the challenging tasks for most of the American Travelers during the vacations. Selecting the best domestic flight is the initial part of continuing the tour. The cost, availability, reliability and frequent flier perks, are the following factors that you should remember while determining the airlines for the tour.

Which are the Best Domestic Flights to Travel within the United States?

Here’s the list of the airlines that you can choose to book the best domestic flight of the year. 

  • Delta Air Lines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Alaska Airlines.
  • American Airlines.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • Hawaiian Airlines.
  • JetBlue Airways.
  • Spirit Airlines.
  • Allegiant Air.
  • Frontier Airlines.

Overall performance with significant implications

Let’s begin with a brief analysis of the overall scores for this year, including the best and worst performing categories for each airline. In parentheses, we’ll also mention how each one performed the previous year.

AirlineTotal scoreTop-performing areasLowest-performing areas
United 62.47Family travel, route network, frequent flier program.Baggage, affordability.
Delta 66.31Timeliness, involuntary bumps.Affordability.
American (4)59.83Route network, award availability.Baggage, affordability.
Delta (1)66.31Timeliness, involuntary bumps.Affordability.
Alaska (5)60.54Lounges, customer satisfaction.Baggage
Southwest (2)56.29Bag/change fees, award availability.Cancellations, lounges.
Hawaiian (6)54.71Cancellations, involuntary bumps.Route network.
Frontier (8)27.74Affordability.Involuntary bumps, customer satisfaction, bag/change fees, award availability.
JetBlue (7)47.68Cabin features.Timeliness, cancellations, wheelchairs/scooters.
Spirit (10)38.99AffordabilityWheelchairs/scooters, route network.
Allegiant (9)37.04Involuntary bumps, baggage, wheelchairs/scooters.Involuntary bumps, customer satisfaction, bag/change fees, award availability.

Overall Performance Analysis, Make Those Airlines Best

  • Delta retained its title for the fifth straight year: Once again, the Atlanta-based carrier performed solidly across multiple categories — only taking low marks for its affordability (or lack thereof).
  • Southwest’s holiday meltdown took a toll: The carrier’s operational performance caused it to drop from second last year to fifth this year. Across just four criteria that would’ve been impacted by those issues — timeliness, cancellations, baggage handling and customer satisfaction — Southwest scored a combined 4.63 points lower than last year. If you erase that drop, it would’ve retained the second spot.
  • Alaska and Spirit both jumped multiple spots: Alaska improved its affordability (in both airfare and ancillary fees), while Spirit saw notable improvements in customer satisfaction.
  • Most airlines scored lower than last year: Spirit (+8.1) and Alaska (+2.57 points) were joined by United (+1.93) and American (+1.34) as the only airlines scoring higher than last year. The other six all had lower scores, including Delta, which dropped by more than four points.
  • As a whole, airlines did a worse job in 2022 than 2021: Many elements show overall drops in performance when you combine data across all 10 airlines. Customer complaints were up 87.6% year over year, while prices per 1,000 passenger miles rose 22.67%. Meanwhile, the data showed increases in involuntary bumps (up 87.45%), cancellations (up 54%) and mishandled bags (up 25%) — all of which demonstrate the ongoing struggle to meet the high demand for air travel.

List of all airlines with Domestic Class

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