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Unleash Exciting Offers on Saudi Arabian Airlines Booking

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the flagship carrier of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) is the main hub where this airline is based. On 29th May, 2012, Saudi Arabian Airlines became a member of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance. It was renamed into an abbreviated English brand name Saudi. 

Rather than being an airline alliance member, Saudi Arabian Airlines has even a membership with Arab Air Carriers Organization. With this, it has turned into the third largest carrier operator in the region. Currently, Saudi Arabian Airlines’ fleet size is 164 that flies to 126 destinations across the countries. 

By offering unleashed inflight services such as wifi access, reclining seatings based on cabin classes, entertainment options and meals and beveraging, Saudi Arabian Airlines makes the travelers’ trip enjoyable more than expected. 

Reservations for the airline are now available online. To buy the air tickets online you should use any of the online portal of Saudi Arabian Airlines such as mobile application and official web portal. Depending on your convenience you can purchase the air ticket offline at the airport’s ticket counter. 

Baggage Policy


As per the baggage policy of Saudi Arabian Airlines, domestic travelers are allowed to check in for the business and first class flight with two checked bags of 32 kg each. Rather than this, the airlines qualify the domestic flyers to carry one hand bag of 9kg on first and business class flights.

Economy flyers are liable to carry one checked bag of 23 kg and one hand bag of 7kg for free when traveling on the domestic route.


Following the baggage allowance limit of Saudi Arabian Airlines, international fliers are eligible for 2 free checked bags of 23 kg each on economy class flight.

On business and first class flights, international fliers are eligible to carry free 2 checked bags of 32 kg each.

In addition to the checked bags one can carry any of their personal items such as laptop bag, briefcase, sports kit and any other relevant items. This is allowed for all the fliers.

Cancellation & Refund

Saudi Arabian Airlines allows the customers to cancel the flight up to 10 minutes before the departure. But this would entitle you to pay the cancellation fees. The fee depends on the fare, class, and the route type. Additionally, it also depends on how early you cancel the flight from the scheduled departure of the flight.

The earlier you cancel the flight, you are liable to avoid more cancellation fees and seek a good refund amount. If you want full reimbursement for the flight cancellation, ensure it is within 24 hours or the same day of booking.

To cancel the flight, visit Saudi Arabian Airlines’ official website and mobile application. Otherwise, there might be less probability to seek a refund. Requesting a refund for the canceled flight applies to the refundable fare holders by visiting the official homepage. Besides this, non-refundable are provided with valuable travel vouchers, which are useful to make new reservations within a year.

Cabin Class

Saudi First Suite: It’s a high quality comfort of travel classes offered by Saudi Arabian Airlines. This travel class is a perfect mix from all one-stop inflight services. Rather than experiencing a comfortable trip, you will find the trip enjoyable. In simple words, first-suite lets you seek the luxury flying experience of Saudi Arabian Airlines. Hence, it’s more expensive than the other travel classes of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Business Class: Here you can experience the other airline’ first class wide seatings. Seats accessible on business class aircrafts are installed with recline and optimum legroom.

Guest Class: It is the lowest travel section and is equal to the economy class on other airlines. But the Saudi Guest Class is not exactly the same. The seats on this class are installed in a row along with adjustable footrest and padded headrest.

Seat Selection

Saudi Arabian Airlines offer seat selection service to the valuable travelers. The airline charges some nominal fees for making the seat selection in advance of the check-in portal being open. One does not need to pay any amount if they select a seat at the time of the check in for the flight.

Inflight Entertainment And Wifi

Saudi Arabian Airlines offer free entertainment for the business and first class flyers onboard. To unleash from the wide collection of entertainment while traveling, you should download the application. In addition to this, you can access the inflight wifi connection by paying some nominal fee and could expand your entertainment while flying. Here are some inflight entertainment options that you can experience in the aircraft.

Using any of the above options your travel with Saudi Airlines will surely be unleashed.

Food and Drink

Depending on the travel class, fliers are being offered in-flight cuisine accordingly. Combining the food technology science and haute cuisine art, fliers art being served on their plate. By following such a concept, Saudi Arabian Airlines is liable to offer tastiest and hygienic foods to the respective fliers. Fliers have the right to choose from a wide ranging menu.

Abiding by the Saudi laws, economy and business fliers will not be served beverages containing alcohol with the food including pork on their plate.


These days, Saudi Arabian Airlines offers online check in which is also termed as web check in. This service is accessible within 48 hours prior to the departure and continues up to one earlier in advance of the departure.

To leverage such service of the airline, you need to login to the website or mobile application. With this, you should access the web check-in section. Then only you will be liable to check in for the conveniently.

Frequent Flyer Programe

Alfursan is a one of its own kind program that offers a wide ranging perks and privileges to the frequent flyers of Saudi that are designed to make their travel even more rewarding. Being a member of this programme, you will be liable to leverage dynamic personalized services at the time of earning Reward Miles which are redeemable for flight booking and upgrade with zero payments.

Airlines Alliance/Codeshare

However, Saudi Arabian Airlines has an agreement with SkyTeam Airline Alliance since 29th May 2012. This airline was the first Arab Gulf Carrier to join the one of three elite airline alliances. After becoming a partner of SkyTeam Airline Alliance, Saudi Arabian Airlines started operating Domestic and international charter flights especially during the Ramadan and the Hajj season.

Pet Policy

Following the Pet policy of Saudi Arabian Airlines, travelers can check in Cats and small birds for the flight. Dogs shall be brought into the aircraft holds provided that the aircraft holds are equipped with a ventilation system.

Unaccompanied Minor

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers an unaccompanied minor programme which is specially meant for the kids between 5 and 14 years old and want to travel alone. According to this programme unaccompanied minors cannot travel on the connecting flight and are strictly entitled to fly on the direct flights. There is some documentation that has been done to qualify your request for the Unaccompanied Minor Reservations on Saudi Arabian Airlines.


Being a Partner of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, Saudi Arabian Airlines Offers lounge–Plaza Premium Lounge at Riyadh Airport. Such an offer is accessible for the business and first class flier and Frequent Flyer Programe member for free. Shower facilities, food and beverage, relaxation area, kids room, seating area, business center and meeting room are the following benefits that are equipped with the lounges.

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