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EasyJet Airlines–Find Cheap Reservations

EasyJet Airlines is a British Multinational aviation that runs cheap flights. London Luton Airport is the head office of the airline. Allowing all the passengers to seek the flights at the low price for the last 25 years, EasyJet Airlines has now become popular in Europe for short-haul trips. Including affiliates, this airline operates domestic and international flights on 972 popular routes in more than 32 countries. 

Combining the affiliates group, EasyJet Airlines has 308 aircraft. Therefore, more than 65 million passengers can fly in a day. The bookings are now even open online. To purchase the air tickets, sign in or log in to the official site or mobile application. Further, continue with the prompts as visible on the screen. 

Baggage Allowance Policy

Preparing baggage is the most tricky part of the trip that continues after the flight reservation. So if you want to prevent such a mess from happening to your plan, just follow the policy. EasyJet Airlines has configured the policy as per the baggage type.

Carry On

As per EasyJet Airlines Policy, one small carry-on baggage falls within the dimension of 45 x 36 x 20 cm is free on board. With this, baggage could be fit to the underseat before you. This is how you can prevent any inconvenience while traveling.

Checked Baggage

EasyJet Airlines charges a fixed price for the first checked baggage. For further additional baggage one must pay more depending on the class, route and fare type. The baggage must fall within the size of 275 cm and weigh up to 23kg-15kg.

In addition to both, one can even carry their personal item such as handbag, laptop bag, or duty-free bag, for free. All you need to ensure that it might be easily fitting in your carry on baggage or underseat before you.

Cabin Class

Low-cost pricing might be the reason behind EasyJet Airlines features only economy travel class. The travel class has four fares. Each fares has different perks such as;

Seat Selection

Following EasyJet Airlines Policy, you can choose your preferred seat from the map for a fee. The seat selection with EasyJet Reservations is possible at any time before you check-in. To conveniently continue the process and get the seat reserved one must login to any of the online booking portal of EasyJet and access Manage bookings extension. To access Manage Booking, you must provide the accurate detail of your booking. With this, you will be liable to retrieve your reservations on the screen and continue ahead as per the prompts visible on the display.

Inflight Entertainment & WiFi

EasyJet does not offer inflight wifi for its travelers yet. However, the airline is trailing a latest digital feature called AirFi which enables the fliers to access functions as well as the content on their device using a portable streaming solution. Currently, one can seek this service through selected aircraft based in Basel and Geneva. 

Unfortunately, EasyJet Airlines does not even boast inflight entertainment options for the passengers. So, you can bring a personal device to unleash your journey with entertainment. laptops, tablets or music players, are acceptable on board, however, you must put them in a safe mode.

Food & Drink

EasyJet often delivers food and drink options on a wide range of board, such as snack boxes, breakfast items, meal deals, and beverages. You can review their online prospectus before you travel to see what’s available on your flight.

After the pandemic and staffing crisis, EasyJet might not be liable to provide any in-flight service on some aircraft. In that case, you should get your own food and soft drinks, as airport shops may be closed or limited. Consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly banned on the flight.

Check in

EasyJet Airlines open check in portals online 30 days in advance which continues for 2 hours before the flight departure. To check in online, you should access either an official site or mobile application. Once you complete online check in, ensure to take print out of the same.

EasyJet Check in is even accessible at the airport. For that, you must arrive 4-3 hours earlier than your departure and report at the bag drop desk. Then, check in conveniently for the flight. But check in at the airport might be payable.

Frequent Flyer Program

EasyJet features a loyalty program which is known as EasyJet Flight Club. It applies to customers who have for more than 20 times within the past year. Rather than this, if someone spends more than £1500 within the past year. In that case, one is liable to qualify the membership in the EasyJet Airlines frequent flier program.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

EasyJet Airlines does not have membership with any worldwide popular airline alliance. Although, it is a partner of other airlines, so that its customers are liable to book and connect to various carriers.

Due to its partnership, flyers are liable to grab the cheapest carrier on other airlines such as Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines, and more.

Pet Policy

EasyJet Airlines often does not accept any pets on the flight, unless the registered assistance and service dogs are eligible to travel in the cabin. Still, those dogs are not even eligible to travel on certain routes. Reach out to the EasyJet customer Executive at least 48 hours prior to your flight to inform them of your dog’s details and get approval as well.

Unaccompanied Minor

EasyJet does not have any policy regarding unaccompanied minors. It does not allow unaccompanied children below 16 to travel alone on any of its flights. Kids under 16 must be accompanied by any more than 16 years older flier or adult who can take responsibility for the minor.


EasyJet has newly featured its first airport lounge at London Gatwick Airport, in partnership with No1 Lounges. Name of the lounge is The Gateway by EasyJet & No1 Lounges, located in the North Terminal of the airport.

The lounge benefits the passengers with a place to eat, drink and relax before their flight, featuring a range of amenities such as TVs, newspapers, free wifi, magazines, showers and charging points. The lounge is open from 4am to 10pm and can be scheduled online at £15 per adult.

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