Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All the personal information of customers that we collect and use are subjected to our privacy policy. Privacy Policies referred to “we”, “Us” or “our” means this site. This privacy policy has been meant to make aware of our process of collecting the details from the customers and the reason behind collecting the personal details. Further, you would even know how we use those details by going through our privacy policy. 

Our Privacy Promise

Collecting the personal details from you by our site with your permission, we enable you to find transparency over the way we use your information through your air ticketing procedure with us. In addition to it, we even promise that we securely draft and share your details. 

How Do We Use Your Personal Details

Travel confirmation and updates; Services and products you request; general communication including responding to ticket and travel-related questions; travel updates; managing your account; based on your request, we use your data through such conditions. name, payment details, email address and passport information are the following of your personal details which is mandatory to register your account and book the flight with us. When you try to access our website using any device or contact us, these details are required. When you choose us for someone else’s reservations, ensure to provide their personal details with their consent. 

When providing your personal details, ensure to confirm that all those information you have shared with us are accurate and updated. In addition to this, you are even required to confirm that you are allowing us to use it. We might be required to forward some of your personal data to the airport security or boarding check-in kiosk to prevent any uncertain conditions amongst you and your fellow fliers. 

In addition to other details, we even require your credit card information to complete your booking with us successfully. 

List of the Information which is required through the booking procedure on our site.

Your name along with the title(surname) 

Contact details such as email address, phone number

Confidential Details like, Date of birth, payment card details, passport details.

Supplement details such as special assistance requirements, medical conditions, dietary requirements, and booking changes

Sensitive information such as, communications with us, recorded calls, messages on online services; feedback reviews, and social media posts.

We even required the other of your personal details such as your registration details with third parties such as logging in using facebook or gmail. With your permission, we even secure such of your details with us and use later if required under your surveillance whenever you access our site. 

In some cases, we forward all your shared information to the Civil Aviation Authorities to confirm your full compliance and enforcement including ATOL regulations. 


This is one of our tracking tools–small snippets of details, we display on your browser for storage. We might be setting a “cookie” on some of the webpages in order to save and retrieve a bit of your information with us. If you do not want us to draft some of your details from other website pages, you can ignore. Further, whether you have accepted our cookies on other websites and want to switch off our cookies then you can delete it anytime. Moreover, you can set a notification before accepting our cookies. With this, you would have the right to determine whether to accept or not. 

Google Analytics applies to our website, i.e., reporting options by google to the users. Cookies from the first party are used for the google analytics so that the click-path of the user would be visible and easier to discover the improved pages and marketing campaign. For assembling the broad demographic information we require your IP address. But it’s not helpful in seeking your personal identifiable information for us. 

We enable the users for personalised shopping and advertising experience through intent, which applies web identifiers to analyse the users. To check out intent’s privacy policy click here. To discontinue, click here.  

Personal Data Applies to the Travel Facilitation

The sought information with your permission will be helpful for us to get you the updates regarding, if any changes or cancellations apply to your booking. In addition to this, we even use your information to improve our personalised services to the customer and enhance their travel experience with us as well. 

At times, we may notify you with marketing communications depending on your agreements to allow us to get you exceptional offers and product emails while proceeding with the booking procedure. Money off future bookings; ticket sales; airline news or promotional material with our payment partners are the following supplements that you can find through our offers. 

Being an admin of your reservation with us, you have flexible access to your personal information shared with us. To continue the access of your information for the flight reservation anytime, you need to contact our proficient customer service executives using an email id. 

Opt Out

Attention! We do not share any of your personal data including contact details to others for any marketing intent without your permission.

Avoid reviewing the relevant section through the booking procedure to opt out the marketing communication with us. In case, you have selected the marketing communication for a while but do not do it for a long, then you can discontinue it at any time. To opt out our marketing communication you should click on the “unsubscribe” button visible through any email you’ve received from us regarding marketing.

To unsubscribe and opt out of the marketing communication with us you can even send an email at email id with the header/Subject “Unsubscribe from Marketing emails.”

Third Part

We are not responsible for details shared with our suppliers, getting us services to support the operation of our ecommerce and rectifying your customer experience, such as feedback review over the websites. Our suppliers follow self owned privacy policies which are not in our hands. However, we try our best to deliver the data in the right hands as well as for reliable compliance with regulations.

When you trust us for sharing your personal information with us, we make sure that your personal data will be forwarded to the right of our suppliers. Hence, we are very careful about selecting our suppliers to process your personal data securely for the relevant tasks.

Therefore, before giving them any of your confidential data, we suggest you acknowledge their terms of service and privacy policies.

Update to the Privacy policy

We do the needful changes to our privacy policy occasionally, such as in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the new European Union data protection law that has been affected from July 25, 2023.

Direct Contact with Website Owner

If there is anything beyond your tip about our privacy policy, website services, or your struggle with us, you can connect us via email id. 

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