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Booking ANA – All Nippon Airways Flights tickets 

All Nippon Airways (ANA), also known as Zennikkū is a prominent Japanese airline. It is International Airport (NRT) and Haneda Airport (HND). ANA operates both domestic and international flights, connecting various destinations across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. ANA (Star Alliance) serves 61 domestic destinations and 43 international destinations in 22 countries,The airline has an extensive route network, serving over 100 destinations worldwide.

ANA is recognized for its commitment to quality service and has been consistently rated as a 5-star airline for the past seven years since 2013. The airline’s dedication to passenger satisfaction has contributed to its position as the largest airline in Japan in terms of both destinations served and passengers carried annually.its domestic route network over the next three decades and launched its first international flights in 1986 with a flight from Tokyo to Guam. 

Baggage Policy

  • Carry-on Baggage:Economy Class passengers are allowed one piece of carry-on baggage with maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm (including handles, wheels, and side pockets), and a maximum weight of 10 kg.Business Class and First Class passengers may be allowed two pieces of carry-on baggage with the same size and weight restrictions as mentioned above.passengers may also carry personal items such as a handbag, laptop bag, or small backpack.
  • Checked Baggage:Economy Class passengers on international flights are allowed one or two pieces of checked baggage, with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) per piece.Business Class and First Class passengers generally have a higher baggage allowance, usually two or three pieces of checked baggage, with a maximum weight of 32 kg (70 lbs) per piece.

Cancellation & Refund

  • Cancellation refers to the act of cancelling a flight reservation or ticket.Airlines may have specific rules regarding when and how cancellations can be made.Cancellation policies often depend on factors such as the fare type, ticket conditions, and the time of cancellation.

A refund is the process of returning the cost of a cancelled or unused ticket to the passenger.Refund eligibility is determined by the fare type and the specific rules associated with the ticket.Refunds may be issued in the form of the original payment method or as travel credits.

Cabin Classes

  • Economy Class:Economy Class is the standard cabin class offered by ANA.Passengers in Economy Class enjoy comfortable seating, in-flight entertainment, and meal services, depending on the duration of the flight.
  • Premium Economy Class:Premium Economy Class is a higher-tier cabin class that provides an enhanced experience compared to Economy Class.Passengers in Premium Economy Class typically enjoy additional legroom, wider seats, enhanced amenities, priority boarding. 
  • Business Class:Business Class offers premium travel with enhanced comfort and services.Passengers in Business Class enjoy spacious seats that can often convert into lie-flat beds, premium in-flight.
  • First Class:First Class represents the most luxurious and exclusive cabin class offered by ANA.Passengers in First Class enjoy the highest level of comfort and personalised service, including private suites with fully flat beds, premium dining options.

Seat Selection

Standard seat selection for passengers to choose seats within the standard seating configuration of the aircraft.Passengers can usually select seats at the time of booking or during the online check-in process. Preferred seat selection provides passengers with the option to choose seats with certain desirable features, such as extra legroom, greater recline, or proximity to exits or lavatories. Premium seat selection refers to the option of selecting seats in premium cabin classes, such as Business Class or First Class.Seat upgrades are subject to availability and fare conditions.

In-flight Entertainment & WIFI

ANA offers a variety of entertainment options on its flights, including movies, TV shows, music, games, and more.Passengers can enjoy a personal seatback screen or a personal device entertainment system, depending on the aircraft and cabin class.

ANA provides Wi-Fi services on select flights,for passengers to stay connected during their journey.Passengers can access the internet, browse websites, send emails, and use compatible apps on their personal devices.ANA offers its own branded Wi-Fi service called ANA Wi-Fi, which provides internet connectivity on board.ANA Wi-Fi enables passengers to connect their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to access the internet and online services during the flight.

Food & Drink

ANA offers complimentary meal services on most of its international and domestic flights.The meals provided are tailored to the time of day, duration of the flight, and the cabin class.ANA provides a selection of complimentary beverages, including soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, and water, on all flights.Alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and spirits, may also be available, depending on the cabin class and route.Japanese sake, offering a variety of premium sake options to passengers.special meals, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and religious or cultural meals.

Check In

  • Online Check-in: ANA offers online check-in through its official website or mobile app.Passengers can check in online from 24 hours to 75 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Airport Check-in:Passengers can check in at the airport counter if they prefer or are unable to complete online check-in.ANA provides dedicated check-in counters. Passengers should arrive at the airport with sufficient time to complete check-in procedures and security checks before the flight departure.

Frequent Flyer Programme

ANA Mileage Club consists of multiple membership tiers, such as Bronze, Platinum, Diamond, and Super Flyers.Membership tiers are determined by the number of qualifying miles or segments flown within a specific period.Members of ANA Mileage Club can earn miles by flying with ANA, its partner airlines, or utilising services from program partners.Miles can also be earned through ANA Mileage Club credit cards, hotel stays, car rentals, and other eligible activities.redeemed for various rewards, including flights, flight upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and other partner services.ANA Mileage Club members enjoy additional benefits, such as priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, access to airport lounges, and priority boarding.benefits such as lounge access and priority services when travelling with Star Alliance partners.

Airline Alliance/ Codeshare Agreements

Airline Alliance: ANA is a member of the Star Alliance, a global airline alliance comprising leading airlines worldwide.Through the Star Alliance, ANA passengers can enjoy seamless connectivity, reciprocal benefits, and integrated services when travelling with other member airlines.Benefits include earning and redeeming miles, lounge access, priority services, and a wider range of destinations covered by the alliance.

Codeshare Agreements: ANA has codeshare agreements with numerous airlines, enabling passengers to book flights beyond ANA’s own network and travel on a single ticket.Codeshare agreements for coordinated flight schedules, shared resources, and smoother connections for passengers can benefit from expanded route options, simplified ticketing, and through-checked baggage when flying with codeshare partners.

Pet Policy

ANA allows small dogs and cats to travel in the cabin with their owners on select flights, subject to specific conditions and restrictions.The pet and its carrier must meet the size and weight restrictions specified by ANA Passengers are required to make advance reservations for cabin pets, as there is a limited number of spots available per flight.ANA also permits the transportation of larger pets as checked baggage or cargo, depending on the size, weight, and species of the animal.

Unaccompanied Minor

ANA offers unaccompanied minor service for children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old.ANA airlines may have specific age requirements or restrictions for unaccompanied minors.ANA may require unaccompanied minors to use the unaccompanied minor service if they meet the eligibility criteria.The service ensures that the child is supervised and assisted by ANA staff throughout their journey.


ANA operates its own lounges, known as ANA Lounges, at various airports. Lounges are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for passengers before their flights.These lounges often offer amenities such as comfortable seating, complimentary Wi-Fi, power outlets, business services, and reading materials.

Domestic and International Lounges: ANA has separate lounges for domestic and international flights, tailored to the specific needs of passengers.Domestic lounges are available for passengers travelling within Japan, while international lounges cater to passengers departing on international flights.

Passengers travelling in higher cabin classes, such as Business Class or First Class, generally enjoy access to ANA Lounges.provide a range of services, including complimentary food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, shower facilities, private work areas, and entertainment options.

Passengers can relax, catch up on work, enjoy a meal, or freshen up before their flights.

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