Terms And Conditions

Before proceeding with any booking service using our website, we’d like to suggest the terms and conditions acknowledgement and prevent misunderstanding and unexpected things from happening. With your agreements to our terms and conditions, our website for your booking services is based upon. Make sure that you read all the related terms and conditions carefully earlier than getting started with our site to book the flight. You won’t be liable to access our website to continue hassle air ticketing on over 600+ airlines at the best price, until or unless, you read and accept our policies as mentioned herein.

Once you hit the accept button we consider it as your consent to our terms and conditions associated with our site no matter whether you have gone through all of that or not. If you don’t want any unexpected situation to happen, make sure that you go through the terms and conditions carefully. 

All correspondence information regarding reservations or assisting customers should be submitted to the site, W Ray Rd Chandler, AZ-85226, United States. On the other hand, you can write an email to support@site.com.


While getting the air ticketing done on your behalf as an agent, we apply for an agreement with the supplier(s) and other principal(s), such as the aviation holder, lodging company, etc., which will be mentioned on your receipt, in accordance with the contract for terms and conditions. You are provided with a contract associated with the principal mentioning their service when they book something on your behalf, whether it’s a vacation. Further, you might get several agreements in addition to them at a time if you avail services through us that will round out your vacation with further principals or suppliers. Hence, You will be required to abide by several terms and conditions at once.

We as a representation or travel agency are not responsible for the decisions made by suppliers about the services they provide. The terms and conditions of the supplier are correlated in some way to the made reservation and booking. Therefore, we urge you to carefully go through the conditions since they contain crucial data about your air ticketing. Therefore, we even encourage you to take copies of them if you do not already have them.

Basic Conditions to be Learnt for Booking!

Reservation makers must be careful about the details verification such as names, timings, passport numbers, travel itineraries, and hotel reservations and ensure the accuracy in accordance with your requirements on the flight ticket when providing data for an air ticketing. These all should be done earlier than validating your reservation by making full payment because any changes or addition to your booking afterward will entitle you for the extra payments as cancellation or change fee. To prevent any form of blunder across your reservation later, you are entitled to review your booking details before proceeding with the payment procedure and get your reservations finally done.

While cross checking the booking details if you find anything inaccurate with your booking details, you should contact us instantly and get the needful corrections done.  

In addition to all the rest above, you should even always remember that whatever offers we supply, are non-refundable, non-changeable, and non-transferable.

Further, you can assure that all your data shared with us, have been forwarded to the relevant suppliers for your booking essentials or any specific personnels responsible for your travel accommodations and maintenance. Additionally, depending on the requirement, your data might be even forwarded to the immigration and customs department considered as public authorities. Same segments will apply to even genuine details such as disabilities or and religious sentiments. Several of your shared data with us might be forwarded to the company responsible for security and credit checking.  

In case you plan to travel with the United States, then you are requested to share all your required details with the US customs and border protection department and enable them to prevent terrorism and any brutal activities or sedition act. But these high security sentiments for the data would not be as strong as it must be when you choose the destination out of the United states to travel. As a result, we may not be able to offer you a booking if the providers are not given the necessary information. Consequently, it is more anticipated that you will be granted permission to share the information when doing so.


At the last step of the booking procedure one must pay to confirm their booking on their preferred airlines with us. When someone is finding it uneasy to afford the booking entirely at the moment then they can request us for an installment payment. However, the scheme for installment payment options. Still, one should ensure to clear the rest booking payment till the due date or before. And if it’s not done on time, then the customers might come across the consequences like cancellations. Meanwhile, they even asked for the penalty when their booking entitled for the cancellation because of the due payment till date. All the charges displayed and paid in USD.


You are urged to send us the written request whenever the flight cancellation or change is required. And the changes or cancellation will not be incurred until you receive any notification by us. Depending on the supplier’s rules, you might have to pay the penalty for the flight canceling and get the refund accordingly. Whether it’s about a penalty or the cancellation, you must abide by the terms and conditions to cancel the flight.

In accordance the flight update excluding the expanding of the passengers’ number, you are entitled to pay the fee accordingly. Though the change fee starts at 50$ per reservation still would rise as per the changes you make on your reservations. If there are any hotel supplier charges then it will be included in the change fees only. As much as one delays to cancel or change into their booking after 24 hours of air ticketing, the fee will be higher. With this, the customers will be notified about the deduction from booking value during the flight cancellation when the purchase is refundable otherwise, one is requested to pay the fee for changing or canceling the flight. 

Neither us nor our principal or supplier will be responsible for flight cancellation or the delayed flight without any refund. 


We often suggest the visitors choosing us, to buy travel insurance as well as booking the flight and leverage the recovery options for you along with your family when suppliers or operators refuse to refund. Further, it has become a crucial addition when it’s about to travel abroad. Some destinations have made the travel insurance mandatory to all the travelers, so only they will be qualified to explore their origin. Hence, connecting with the relevant travel agent or agency, embassies and companies of visa is crucial to get qualified for the travel insurance. 

This insurance gets you insured including many conditions regardless of any airlines. By getting insured with the travel insurance, you might be covered with the refund when the flights get canceled by you or the airline, depending on the insurance. In fact, you can get covered with baggage loss, delayed boarding, medical emergencies, passport loss and many others, when you are insured with travel insurance. The travel insurance also recovers the supplier’s financial failures in arranging the needful travel services. 

If you consent us for travel insurance purchase, then cross check all the needful information through the application before confirming it. If any of your given needful details through the application is incorrect and even have not been cross checked by you, then consequences would be incurred. Possible recoveries will not be applicable to your booking. So whenever you choose travel insurance purchased by us, ensure to cross the details and then only confirm. 


You will receive all the travel-related paperwork, including tickets, invoices, and insurance policies, via postal delivery. Once the papers have been given to you and received by you, we will no longer be liable unless the loss of the documents was the result of our carelessness. And in these situations, reissuing tickets and other documentation is only possible if you pay the associated fees. And while you can request delivery of the item, a fee will apply.


We send you an email regarding the booking confirmation only when the air ticketing procedure has been completely done with us. We do so, to state that after our complete acknowledgement your booking request has been successfully qualified and you can travel. Remember that this mail is only for the booking acceptance. The last check will be made by the service’s accessibility, which you requested from the provider.


However, we along with our proficient travel executive team members are capable of assisting you with all your issues or concerns all the time. So be free to reach out to us anytime whenever you are provoked with the doubts striking your mind. For the query to the travel arrangements, we are not responsible at all. Further, you can write an email directly to the supplier for such concern. In addition to it you can even directly text an email to them regarding a complaint when you find something unexpected throughout the trip.

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