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What You Need To Know About Changing Your Name On United Airlines ?

United Airlines recognize the significance of ensuring precise passenger details for seamless travel experiences. UAL policies allow for name changes in instances of legal modifications, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, or official title adjustments, like Mr., Mrs., Dr., Jr., or Sr. Additionally, simple errors made during booking can be rectified. To facilitate this process, passengers are required to provide legal documentation supporting the name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. UA Airlines’ aim is to accommodate passengers’ evolving needs while upholding the accuracy and integrity of their travel information. We prioritize providing a smooth and efficient service that aligns with our passengers’ requirements. If you encounter any issues or need assistance with updating your personal details, United Airlines have a dedicated team here to assist you every step of the way. Your satisfaction and comfort during your journey with United Airlines are our top priorities.

Name Correction Policy & Processes UAL Airline

Terms Name Change United Airlines Below are steps explanined you can follow these make a name correction on UAL Air ticket.
  1. Find the Error: Upon obtaining your reservation confirmation, verify whether your first and last names are spelled correctly, if your middle name or initial is spelled incorrectly, if your prefix or title is spelled incorrectly, or if the spelling of your name is reversed.
  2. Online Modification: You can carry out the modification online if the error meets the requirements and no accompanying documentation is needed. Enter your login information and go to the “Manage Reservations” area of your United Airlines account.
  3. Choose Reservation: Find the reservation that has the wrong name and choose the Edit option.
  4. Edit Name Details: If required, reorder the first and last names. Enter the right spelling for the middle name/initial, first name, last name, prefix, and title. Additionally, you can switch the name for a nickname and vice versa.
  5. Confirm Changes: Review the modifications carefully to ensure accuracy. Proceed to confirm the changes, and the system should update your itinerary accordingly.
  6. Document Requirement Assessment: Determine whether you have the required documentation if the name change is required because of substantial changes, such as legal name changes, divorces, or marriages.
  7. Get in touch with Help Team: If you need help with the name change procedure or have questions about the papers needed, get in touch with United Airlines customer help. They are able to offer directions and instructions regarding the submission of required paperwork.
  8. Submit Documents: To submit the necessary paperwork for the name change procedure, adhere to United Airlines’ instructions. This could entail emailing the documents or scanning and submitting them via their website.
  9. Verification and Approval: Following submission of the paperwork, United Airlines will confirm its legitimacy. They will change your booking with the corrected name after approval.

By following these steps, you can successfully modify your itinerary with United Airlines for name corrections, whether it falls under conditions requiring supporting documents or not.

Modifying A Name Online With United Airlines Air Ticket

MileagePlus login Let’s find out how can you easily process these tasks Online on official United Website
  1. To start a name correction on your account, go to www.united.com, the official website of United Airlines.
  2. Open the United Airlines website and navigate to the “Manage Reservations” or “My Trips” section.
  3. In the designated fields, enter your “Last name” and “Confirmation number” linked to the purchased ticket.
  4. After providing the necessary details, proceed by selecting the appropriate option to manage your reservation.
  5. Within the flight details, locate and click on the “Edit Reservation” or “Change Passenger Information” feature.
  6. Correct or update the name on the reservation to match the information on your official government-issued identification.
  7. Confirm the changes made and review the updated reservation details before proceeding.
  8. Complete the process by paying any applicable name change fees and covering any fare differences securely online.
  9. Once completed, a new ticket reflecting the accurate name will be generated for your itinerary.
Note : download United Airlines Name Modification Form

By Using The UA Airlines Mobile App, You Can Change The Name Of Your Ticket

Lets open mobile and download , Install UAL App From Apple Store or Google Play Store below are links Google APP Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.united.mobile.android Apple Store : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/united-airlines/id449945214
  1. To view the details of your flight, use the United Airlines mobile app and log in.
  2. Go to the “My Trips” or “Manage Reservations” area of the app to find the specifics of your current flight.
  3. Choose the particular flight for which the passenger’s name has to be updated. Search for the “Edit Details” or “Modify Reservation” option.
  4. Locate the section dedicated to passenger information and choose the option to edit the name. Tap on this section to input the new, correctly spelled name.
  5. Enter the corrected name accurately, matching the identification to avoid any issues during your travel.
  6. Review the changes thoroughly before confirming to ensure all details are correct. Some apps may require additional verification or confirmation.
  7. After confirming the changes, proceed to save or submit the modifications. Look for a confirmation message indicating the successful name adjustment.
  8. Make sure the name change appears correctly by double-checking your modified itinerary. Please do not hesitate to contact United Airlines customer service if you need assistance or if you have any concerns.

Offline (At A Ticket Counter Or Office) – Change Or Modify United Airline Ticket Name

Do Google near Office United Airlines and Go There
  1. Visit the nearest United Airlines office or ticket counter to seek assistance with your ticket.
  2. Make sure to carry valid government-issued identification and any relevant documents related to your ticket.
  3. Approach the airline representative and clearly articulate the need to update the name on your ticket, providing both the current and correct details.
  4. Provide essential information such as your booking reference and flight details to aid the representative in locating your reservation.
  5. Engage in a discussion with the representative regarding any applicable fees for the name change and thoroughly understand the available options for modifying your ticket.
  6. After the changes are processed, meticulously review the updated details on your ticket to ensure accuracy.
  7. If the airline requests additional documentation or proof for the name change, promptly furnish the necessary materials.
  8. Before leaving the office or counter, ensure you obtain confirmation of the name change from the representative for your records.

What Are The Conditions Under Which A Passenger Cannot Change The Name On A United Airline Ticket?

Most probable causes when Name Change on United Airlines Failed
  • Extra seat bookings are not eligible for name changes with United Airlines.
  • Name corrections post-baggage check are not permitted.
  • Invalid documents, such as marriage, divorce, or adoption certificates, are not accepted for name changes.
  • Legal issues require jurisdiction-specific certificates.
  • Partial itinerary holders cannot change names.
  • Group reservation participants are ineligible for name changes.
  • Lap infants’ names cannot be modified.
  • Changes are only permissible within a specified timeframe post-ticket purchase.
  • Only one opportunity for name modification is allowed.
  • Marriage or divorce alterations require specific jurisdiction certificates.
  • Complete last name changes are not allowed with United Airlines.

What Is The Fee For Making A Name Correction To An Plane Ticket On United Airline ?

United Airlines provides complimentary corrections for misspellings and legal name changes (e.g., marriage, divorce, adoption).

Additional corrections beyond one-time changes are considered name changes, subject to United Airlines’ policy and associated fees.

Types of changes include alterations to the name, birth date, flight, fare class, or fare code, all of which may incur name change fees.

The name change fee is equivalent to the flight change fee, and any fare difference must be paid accordingly.

Timing is crucial: Making flight changes at least one day before departure incurs specific fees.

United Airlines’ policy emphasizes accommodating one-time adjustments free of charge, with subsequent changes treated as name modifications subject to applicable fees and fare differences.

If United Airline’s Name Correction Fails, Here’s What To Do ?

  1. Initiate Contact: Begin by reaching out to United Airlines’ customer support via their helpline or online chat. Clearly articulate the name correction issue, providing your booking reference and the correct name details.
  2. Document the Error: Keep a detailed record of any error messages or communication received during the correction process. Screenshots can serve as visual evidence to aid in resolving the issue efficiently.
  3. Understand United Airlines’ Policies: Familiarize yourself with United Airlines’ name correction policies to ensure compliance with all requirements. Verify your identification details to avoid any discrepancies.
  4. Visit the Airport: If online correction attempts are unsuccessful, consider visiting the airport of departure. United Airlines’ on-site staff may provide in-person assistance. Remember to bring essential documentation, including your ID and booking confirmation.
  5. Consider Re booking: Consider the possibility of canceling the existing reservation and making a new one using the correct name, if needed. Consider any extra or cancellation fees that could apply.
  6. Escalate the Issue: Ask to talk with a supervisor or higher-level representative to take the issue to the next level if the regular channels of help are not working. The secret is to be persistent; keep lines of communication open and keep trying different approaches until you find a solution.

FAQ – Misspelled Name Issue United Airlines Air Ticket

Q. Is It Possible To Travel With An Incorrect Name On United Airlines ?

Ans:Team of United aware that errors can occur occasionally and that your United Airlines ticket may have the wrong name on it. Making sure your name matches the one on your passport or government-issued ID, however, is crucial.

Q. Due To A Marriage, How Do I Change My United Airlines Name ?

Ans: United Airlines, understand that life events like marriage can result in changes to personal information. This is why we provide an easy and painless process to update your personal information on your airline ticket.

Q. On A United Airlines Ticket, How Do I Change A Misspelled Name ?

Ans: United Airlines offer a quick and simple solution for customers within both the USA or Canada. Visit their United Airlines’ website, select the “Manage Reservations” section, and choose the option to rectify a misspelled name. Follow the instructions Make any changes that are required and you’ll get an updated ticket in a short time. You don’t have to be concerned about any additional costs or problems.

Q. What Is The Cost Of Changing The Name On An Air Ticket Issued By United Airlines ?

Ans:The cost to change the name on the airline ticket sold through United Airlines varies depending on the type of ticket as well as the conditions. In general, for tickets that are non-refundable there is a charge in the amount of 200 dollars for domestic travel, and $400 for international flights. However, in certain instances like marriage or a legal name changes, this fee can be reduced.

Q. Is It Also Necessary To Change The Name On An Infant United Airline Ticket ?

Ans: The child’s ticket is connected with the adults (parents) So there’s no need to alter it. The child’s ticket is connected to that of the adult accompanying them. There are no changes to be made since the child’s journey is already connected to the adult tickets.

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