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Air Algerie is the national airline of Algeria, based in Algiers. It functions aircrafts to more than 70 destinations across various countries such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. It is even a becoming member of the SkyTeam alliance.  

Air Algerie features top-notch services and amenities on board and off board. One can experience all those distinctive services at the moment they continue the booking process online.

Bookings with Air Algerie are accessible at great discounts including exciting offers. Depending on your fare type and destination, you will be liable to discover a distinctive era of travel experience.

It’s easy to book online using a mobile phone or desktop or tablet. If you are planning to book the flight using your phone, then you can download the application. With this, you can avoid visiting the website all the time. If you are new, ensure to register your profile with a working phone number.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Baggage policy is the initial part of the travel with Air Algerie that you are required to meet. Otherwise, you might have to pay a penalty or have to face hindrance when checking in at the airport. Here are some general rules that you should follow while packing the bag.

One carry bag of 5kg is free to bring on the flight. The maximum weight upto 10kg of baggage is acceptable on the flight. However, one must pay fees for baggage of more than 5kg.

Airlines allow the customers to bring two checked baggage of 23 kg each and size of each must be of 158cm.

If any of the bags exceed weight, Air Algerie charges a penalty from the relevant customers.

Cancellation & Refund

Genuinely, Air Algerie does not restrict the customers to cancel the flight anytime before the departure. But canceling the flight after 24 hours of the reservations might subject the customers to pay the cancellation fees. Further, depending on the reason behind your flight cancellation will decide whether you would get a refund or not.

Refundable fare holders can only request for the refund amount while canceling the flight. However, non-refundable fare holders can seek travel vouchers during the flight cancellation. To get the full refund amount one should cancel the flight within 24 hours of the reservations.

Cabin Class

Economy, Business, and First class are the three various travel cabins that you can select any of them depending on your preference. These travel classes has various services and amenities on board such as:

Economy Class: If your focus is only on instant travel to the destination at the cheap rate, then you should choose economy class while opting for the online Air Algerie reservations. The cabin features several appreciable services such as comfortable reclining seats, a meal, an audio system, and blanket. Still, the seat pitch and configuration may vary depending on the model.

Business Class: if you want to seek a premium travel experience including comfortable seats then nothing could be the right choice for you than Business class. This class features a herringbone seat that you can turn into a flatbed. Gourmet meals and a personal entertainment system are the other unsurpassed amenities that you will seek on boarding the flight.

First Class: Seek the deluxe travel experience by booking first class flight. This class of the airline features spacious seats that recline into a bed. First class fliers can enjoy a fine dining experience. Further, inflight amenities are the same as on the business class flight.

Seat Selection

Fortunately, like other major airlines, Air Algerie also permits its fliers to choose the seat as per their favorites. However, the seat selection varies depending on the seat accessibility at the moment.

The seat map is accessible 24 hours prior to departure. So, ensure to continue the seat selection process one day earlier than your flight is scheduled to depart. You might be glad to know that Air Algerie allows all fliers to select the seat for free.

Inflight Entertainment & WiFi

On booking the Air Algerie flight, you will be liable to seek a wide collection of inflight entertainment options. However, this could be possible only when you are traveling on the long-haul route. Movies, documentaries, TV series, and video games are the following options that you can enjoy by accessing the entertainment system on board. If you are looking for the inflight wifi then stop, Air Algerie does not have an inflight wifi connection. For more details, get through the executive via whatsapp messenger or email.

Food & Drink

Air Algerie has food and drink service to its travelers on the flights, based on the duration and itinerary of the flight. Travelers can enjoy hot meals prepared by experienced chefs, including a combination of dishes from French, Algerian and international cuisine. One can even request a special meal depending on their dietary or religious conditions, by getting through Air Algerie at least 48 hours prior to the flight. Drinks are accessible at any time throughout the air travel, such as water, soda, juice, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.

Check In

Air Algerie allows the customers to check in online rather than check in at the airport. Using a mobile application or the official site, one can conveniently check in for the flight. However, they must adhere to the web check in timelines. The web check in opens 24 hours before and continues upto 3 hours prior to the flight. Besides this, you must arrive at the airports 4-3 hours before the departure to check in via self-service kiosk or check in counter. The self service kiosk closes 20 minutes earlier than the domestic flight and 45 minutes before the international flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flier program for Air Algerie is called Air Algerie Plus. Every time a member flies with this airline or one of its partners, they can earn points. Earned points can be redeemed for a variety of benefits, including extra luggage allowance, room upgrades, complimentary tickets, and more. The benefits that are available to the travelers include access to airport lounges, priority check-in, increased baggage allowance for boarding, baggage delivery, and more.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Currently, Air Algerie is not a member of any Alliance. However, it’s in the process to become a member of SkyTeam Alliance.

Unaccompanied Minor

Air Algerie has unaccompanied minor service for the kids traveling alone. This service is valid for the kids between 5 and 12. Further, this service is optional for the kids who are more than 12 and upto 16 years old. There is no additional service for kids between 5 and 12 years old while booking unaccompanied minor fares.

Pet Policy

Customers are welcome to board an Air Algerie flight with their pet, but you must adhere to certain guidelines. If the pet weighs less than 6 kg and is a tiny animal, like a bird, dog, cat, hamster, or turtle, they are allowed to bring it into the cabin. Pets must be transported in carriers that can fit beneath the seat in front of them and don’t annoy other travelers.


Air Algerie has a VIP lounge at Algiers International Airport (ALG). One can leverage the VIP Lounge access only when they belong to a business class and first class flight. comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, TV, newspapers, magazines, snacks, drinks, are the following services and amenities that VIP Lounge includes. Using the VIP card one can conveniently access the lounge at the selected airport.

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