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Save a Buck on Every Booking With JetStar Airways Reservations

Jetstar Airways (JQ), Low Cost Airline, an entirely own subsidiary company of Qantas and is headquartered in Melbourne and boasts a wide network that connects to a variety of cities and international destinations. Jetstar has made booking airline tickets much easier for customers by introducing the ability to book tickets online. Also, passengers can check in online now to avoid waiting in lines. Utilizing FareCool it is possible to reserve flights with Jetstar Economy (Starter Class) and Business class with a variety of fares comprising Starter, Starter Plus, Starter Max, Flex, Business and Business Max and get discounts of up 30 %. Jetstar is now offering services to 16 domestic as well as 3 international destinations in four countries.

Melbourne Airport (MEL) serves as the main hub for the airport with satellite hubs located in Cairns Airport (CNS), Brisbane Airport (BNE), Sydney Airport (SYD), and Gold Coast Airport (OOL). With its incredible fleet of airplanes Jetstar Group, operating under the motto “everyday fare,” is capable of serving different regions around the globe. Jetstar Group operates in a variety of locations. Jetstar Group operates in various places that include Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, and New Zealand, in addition to Australia.The aircraft communication reporting, addressing, as well as reporting system known as ACARS, is utilized by Jetstar Flights to collect information about performance. This is why Jetstar Flights makes efforts to schedule its departure and arrival times.

Jetstar has built up a large client base of satisfied customers and is widely regarded as the biggest low-cost carrier within the Asia Pacific area. Jetstar is the operator of a number of the most prestigious aircrafts, including the Airbus A320, A321, and A330-200 is able to take customers safely from one place to the next. Through its international and local operation, Jetstar has won over customers all over the globe. Apart from these, Jetstar has promised to offer travelers a fantastic experience, and to boost the number of happy clients it has on its list. Melbourne is the home of Jetstar Australia, which is a cheap air carrier Jetstar Australia (JQ). Subsidiaries operating under Jetstar’s Jetstar name are located on Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam. The Jetstar’s 72 aircraft fleet include Boeing, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, and Airbus A330-200.

Baggage Policy (JQ)

Your booking fare and bundle type will decide the baggage allowance. Further, you can go through the restrictions mentioned below to check in your baggage for the flight. And know how you should prepare the baggage.

Economy Starter Fare: There is no free checked Baggage allowance for the Economy Starter Fare Holder. Though they can carry checked baggage of 15 kg to 40kg by paying some nominal fee

Economy Starter Fare with Bundle: Checked Baggage of 20kg is free for the customers having Economy Starter Fare with Bundle. In case you want to carry additional baggage you have to pay for it.

Economy Starter Fare with Max Bundle: If someone has purchased this fare, they will be liable to carry checked baggage of 30kg. For additional baggage of up to 10kg, one must pay.

Economy Starter Fare with Flex Bundle: There is no free checked baggage allowance for the Economy Starter Fare with Flex Bundle holder. Though they can carry checked baggage of 15kg to 40kg by paying the respective charges.

Business Fare and Business Fare with Max Bundle: As per this fare type of Jetstar Airways, one is liable to carry check baggage of 30 kg for free. In case they extend the baggage weight up to 10kg, the baggage fees will be applicable.

Remember: Baggage of 15 kg is acceptable only on the domestic route not on the international route.

Cancelation & Refund (JST Airlines )

There are following conditions when Jetstar is ready to refund the respective customers. When the airways incur changes to your travel schedules after booking without notifying you, refund takes place. But if the same thing happens due to an uncontrollable situation, then you will not be liable to seek any refund.

According to Jetstar Airways, customers are even liable for a refund when they cancel refundable fare anytime before the departure schedule of the flight. The refund amount depends on how early you cancel the flight before the scheduled departure.

To seek the full refund, one must cancel the flight within 24 hours or on the same day of reservations. Non-refundable also need to follow the same rule to seek full travel credit. This valuable credit is redeemable within a year to book the new flight for free or at the best price.

Jetstar will book you on any available Jetstar service that’s suitable to you, at no cost in the event of there is a delay or cancellation less than 72 hours prior to your time of departure and causes a delay of more than three hours from your planned departure time. In addition you may be eligible for a refund. You could be eligible to additional compensation in accordance with the law, contingent on the specific circumstances (including when applicable, any applicable Warsaw and Montreal Convention, the Australian Consumer Law and the Consumer Guarantees Act NZ, and the Civil Aviation Act NZ).

You will get full  refund in the following circumstances:

  • If there is a foreseeable reason, Jetstar have to significantly alter the date of your flight.
  • If your departure time is delayed by more than three hours it’s considered to be an important change.
  • If, because of factors beyond our control Jetstar cannot reserve you on a different flight that will meet your requirements and you are unable make use of the reservation for the purpose you intended, Jetstar will refund any extra time that Jetstar saved on your planned departure time.
  • If you have confirmed your reservation, but Jetstar cannot accommodate you due to commercial overbooking.

Cabin Class JQ Airlines

Economy, Premium economy, and Business class are the three major cabin classes into which JetStar Airways has divided its travel services. Each Class is distinctive by its inflight facilities for the travelers.

Economy is the very basic class type that gets selected by default even though you do not select. Holding standard seats with restricted legroom, it is the cheapest fare type than the rest. Depending on the route type the services are included to onboard economy class flight.

Premium Economy: This is a slightly advanced level of onboard services. Here one can expect spacious legroom with the standard seating alignments. The seats recline at more than the normal angle. Premium economy fliers are liable to leverage the amenity kit onboard. Eye masks, toiletries, ear plugs and many other relevant things you can find in the kit. Passengers flying on this class have the advantage of boarding priority .

Business Class: Jetstar offers business class flight on the selected routes. This cabin class features flatbed seats along with the side table. As per this cabin class, one is liable to unleash the advanced level of travel experience. This enables you for the boarding priority. In addition to it, you have the potential to bring extra baggage for free.

Seat Selection [Jetstar Airways Pty Limited]

According to JetStar Airlines, one can choose the seat in advance of the departure or during the check-in accessibility. Seat selection in advance of the scheduled departure might be chargeable whereas choosing a seat at the time of check in is free. The seat selection depends on the seat accessibility.

Standard seating is an option if you bought an Starter ticket. Standard seat selection is included in the Starter Plus package, and standard, up front and additional legroom are you get when you purchase the Starter Max bundle. If you choose to purchase the Flex bundle, then you have the option to select between an up front or standard seating option, and when you buy Business bundles you can select your seat free of charge within the cabin for business.

  • Standard Seats: Our cheapest alternative is the standard seat. You can choose a group seating or a window seat to enjoy the view, or take the aisle to enjoy a bit more freedom. Standard seats can be set up according to the location in the plane into zones. The zone that you choose will determine the price of a regular seat may differ slightly. The regular seat may be included in the price if you are in an Basic Plus, Flex, or Max bundle subject to availability. You are able to select any available Business Class seat if you purchased the Business Class ticket..
  • Seats in the front: You can buy an upfront seat which will allow you to get on and off of the plane much easier with a little more than a standard seat. If you’ve bought an Flex or Max bundle, you are able to pick your seat upfront without additional costs, or you can buy these seats on their own.
  • Extra legroom seats: Our elegant chairs are the perfect option for long-distance travel because they let you stretch out in luxurious. The seats with the most legroom may be added to the Max bundle for no additional cost, or can be purchased individually. The rows that exit the aircraft have additional legroom seats, however to be able to sit in those seats, one need to be capable of meeting the requirements for the row exit.

Inflight Entertainment & Wi-Fi

Jetstar has free entertainment access for the business class flier whereas economy and premium economy passengers are liable to access the same with some nominal fees. To purchase the subscription of inflight entertainment & wifi, one should go to the official site and access the “Manage Booking” tab. Additionally, follow the same as the instructions visible on the screen for seeking the access of JetStar Airlines Inflight entertainment and wifi.

Following the inflight entertainment, you will be liable to watch movies, web series, listen to music, and unleash many more options. If you do not find any of them interesting, you can switch to the Wifi connection for online entertainment options.

Inflight Food & Drink

Pre-Order Meals: The travelers have the option to order a meal online in advance of their flight, which often includes a main course with sides and a dessert. This enables the fliers to have their meal choice guaranteed and served first.

Buy-on-Board Snacks: Jetstar facilitates the fliers with a range of snacks and light meals that can be bought during the departure of the flight. These may include wraps, chips, sandwiches, salads, chocolates, noodle dishes, and other snack items.

Beverages: Jetstar offers both hot and cold beverages for on board purchase. This includes water, soft drinks, coffee, juices, tea, and a variety of alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, and spirits.

Special Dietary Requirements: The Airways get the customers some options with special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, vegetarian, or lactose-free meals. It is advisable to get in touch with the airline prior or during the air ticketing process to request these meals.

Check in

Check-in online for domestic flights within Australia as well as New Zealand commences 48 hours before to the scheduled departure time of the flight, and ends forty minutes before departure time. Check-in online for domestic flights to Japan starts 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight, and ends 35 minutes before the departure time. It is necessary to visit the check-in counter prior to the time that check-in is closed when you are traveling within the country from an international terminal to show identification and receive your ticket for boarding. To find out the airport you’re at and which terminal your flight departs from, you must go through your itinerary. If your flight departs via an international terminal you’ll have to be at the airport earlier. If you are flying with Jetstar Airways (JQ) flights online check-in is open 48 hours before the departure time of your flight. It closes an hour prior the departure time. In the case of Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK)* flights, check-in online opens at least 48 hours earlier the departure time of the flight. It is then closed two hours before the departure date. If you arrive in the air, you may be able to walk straight to the gate for boarding in the event that you choose to check in online and you do not need baggage visa, entry or conditions. If you have a child travelling with you, either from or to the US and booked your ticket via Jetstar Group, need an additional seat or travel with a service dog are visually impaired or hearing impaired or have an outstanding balance on your reservation or are traveling on an domestic flight departing from an international terminal you’re not able to Check-in online.

Frequent Flyer Program

Jetstar Airways facilitates their passengers with a variety of Frequent Flyer programs. Being a partner of Qantas, the airline applies the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program to enable the fliers to save points. Qantas Frequent Flyer members are liable to win Qantas Points and Status Credits on Starter Plus, Starter Max or Business Max fares of JetStar Airways. Also passenger can join and enjoy Emirates Skywards and JAL Mileage Bank reward program

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

When Jetstar first joined Oneworld, the Oneworld alliance, Oneworld members able to add an Jetstar flight to the itinerary that they purchase as an entire Oneworld member including Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, British Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Cathay Pacific, Oman Air,  Fiji Airways , Royal Jordanian , Qantas, Japan Airlines, American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia,SriLankan Airlines,Alaska Airlines . Also Jetstar  Airways has codeshare agreements with Qantas Airways, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Myanmar Airways.

Pet Policy

Jetstar not allowing Pets on flight , If you want to travel with your Pet like Dog, Cat, Bird you can use Qantas Freight services .

Unaccompanied Minor

Jetstar is a great place to bring children with great affection, however Jetstar doesn’t offer an unaccompanied minors’ service.

  • Jetstar Asia (3K) flights If you are traveling on the Jetstar Asia (3K) flight, or on a Jetstar flight connecting with an Jetstar Asia (3K) flight, all passengers older than twelve but younger than 18 accompanied by guardian or parent . download and print, fill in the declaration form, which grants the passenger permission to travel on their own. In addition they must be brought at the check-in counter of the airport by an adult or parent who will present their filled-in declaration form to the Jetstar team member, and also show an acceptable identification.
  • Connecting flights Jetstar Asia (3K) :This procedure should be followed at the airport of departure by anyone who is a young passenger (those who are over 12 but not yet of 18) who are on an Jetstar Airways (JQ) or Jetstar Japan (GK) flight which connects to an Jetstar Asia (3K) trip. Every passenger who is on a trip that has a 3K connection and travels with a group of two or more persons who are older than 12 but are younger than 18, must complete the procedure.
  • Jetstar Airways (JQ) Flights If a child passenger is able to meet our requirements for independent travelers and is currently enrolled or at secondary school, and has documentation available at check-in to confirm the status, they will be allowed to travel alone.
  • As anyone who is aged 12 or over is required to enroll in high school Australia or New Zealand, proof of age can be considered proof of secondary school participation for a child passenger that is 12 years of old or more.

Passengers who are between 2 and 11 aren’t allowed for travel aboard any domestic Jetstar Japan (GK) flight without an appropriate companion who is the age of. Children under the age of two years must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 15 years old or with the supervision of a parent or guardian. People who are old or older are able to travel by themselves as long as they meet our criteria. People under the age of 12 cannot travel on any international flight operated through Jetstar Japan (GK) unless they are accompanied by a person who is at least 15 years old. older. Solo travel is permitted for passengers who are 12 years old or old or older, as long as they meet our criteria.


Jetstar has agreements with Qantas Club and other lounges to provide great places to relax or work prior to your flight. Additionally the food and drinks, more than half of the lounges features bar service, wifi access and more!

Lounge access for Business Max fliers is available for international flights with a JQ, 3K or QF code. Travelers seek access to partner lounges and Qantas Club lounge where available. Access is unrestricted since your check-in accessibility until your flight starts boarding.

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