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Thai Airways International–Booking Deals

Thai Airways (TG) International Public Co., Ltd. is the main airline in the Kingdom of Thailand, with its main base in Suvarnabhumi Airport and headquartered in Chatuchak District, Bangkok. It’s starts journey in 1960 as a joint venture with Thai Airways Company and Scandinavian Airlines System. It is among the top airlines in Asia that provides the best service for its customers while remaining in line with its slogan, “The First Choice Carrier, with THAI Touches‘. THAI (TG) is Thailand’s flag airline and a first-time Star Alliance member. The airline offers non-stop flights connecting more than nine domestic destinations and 55 international destinations across 29 countries. They include around twelve cities within Thailand like Bangkok, Hanoi, and Seoul locations across Asia, and airports in Oceania, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. THAI is also a part of codeshare agreements with more than 20 airlines.

The fleet of THAI includes a selection of One, two and three-cabin configurations that include Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class (Business Class), and Economy Class. Premium class passengers are granted access to THAI Royal Silk and Royal Orchid lounges, where a lounge is available. THAI owns a wholly-owned subsidiary company called Thai Smile Air (WE). The airline was once the longest non-stop route in the world, from Bangkok to Los Angeles and New York City. With a fleet of 80 aircraft, the airline links an extensive network of 74 destinations. Thai Airways was a joint partnership between Scandinavian Airlines and Thai Airways Company.

Thai Airways has various classes of travel. Each of the travel classes features distinctive inflight services. Based on the travel classes, the booking value is based. To book the flights, visit Thai Airways online by login into the official site or mobile application. On accessing any of them, you can even pre-book the hotels and rental cars at great discounts. Moreover, you can pick from the latest deals and offers and book the flights to your destination accordingly. If you are planning to travel with a Thai Airways flight, you must know a bit of its restrictions, so that your travel experience would be smooth and convenient.

Baggage Allowance Policy

International Flights

International Fliers are eligible to carry two checked baggage on First, Business class and economy class flight. The domestic fliers have permission to carry one checked baggage for free on the economy class flight and two free checked baggage on the first and business class flight.

When flying internationally, business and first class customers must ensure to meet the weight up to 32 kg(70lb) of checked baggage. Economy fliers must ensure not to exceed the weight beyond 23 kg of checked baggage when traveling internationally.

Domestic Flights

According to Thai Airways, domestic fliers can carry checked baggage of 20 kg on economy class flight, 30 kg of checked baggage on premium economy cabin class, and 40 kg on Business class flight.

Checked Baggage : Passengers may carry free of charge baggage as specified and subject to the conditions and limitations in THAI Regulations. For the Domestic flights, the passenger can carry weight according to their ticket like Royal Silk Class Can carry 40 kg (88 pounds) , Economy Plus may have 35 kg (77 pounds) , Economy Class allowed to carry 20 – 35 kg (44 – 77 pounds)* Infant not occupying a seat may have total 10 kg (22 pounds) weight , for ROP Silver Member (On TG sectors only) maximum limit is +10 kg (22 pounds), ROP Star Alliance Gold Members luggage weight under +20 kg (44 pounds) and for Royal Orchid Platinum Member (On TG sectors only) limit is exceeded to +30 kg (66 pounds) .

For the travelers flying to Asia, Australia, New Zealand ,Europe, Africa, Middle East checked baggage allowed are as follows : Royal First Class ticket holder allowed 50 kg (110 pounds), Royal Silk Class passenger can carry 40 kg (88 pounds), For Economy Plus ticket wright not more than 35 kg (77 pounds), Economy Class travelers can carry 20 – 35 kg (44-77 pounds)*, Infant not occupying a seat only have 10 kg (22 pounds) weight luggage, ROP Silver Member (Flight operated by TG) allowed to carry +10 kg (22 pounds), ROP & Star Alliance Gold Members (Flight operated by TG) are permitted to fly with +20 kg (44 pounds) also Royal Orchid Platinum Member have maximum luggage limit is (Flight operated by TG) +30 kg (66 pounds) .

The passenger who flying to or from USA/Canada are allowed to carry only 2 bags also infant without seat are allowed one bag with weight 23 kg (50 lbs) and dimensions 115 cm (45 inches) . While First (Royal First) passenger luggage weight limit 32 kg (70 lbs) with dimensions 158 cm (62 inches), for Business (Royal Silk) passenger weight 32 kg (70 lbs) and dimensions 158 cm (62 inches) permitted ,Economy passenger can hold 23 kg (50 lbs) and dimension upto 158 cm (62 inches).

Carry-on Baggage: When traveling with Business or First Class on a journey that has the use of two or more Star Alliance carriers, Star Alliance Gold Status holders are permitted to carry two bags of carry-on luggage in addition to the permitted checked baggage (where restrictions on aircraft and local regulations allow). A piece of luggage that does not exceed 56cm (22 inches) and 45 centimeters (18 inches) or 25 cm (10 inches) can be transported by a second passenger. Wheels and handles, as well as compartments on the sides, are included in these dimensions. The weight of the carry-on bag must be under 7 kg (15 pounds). Travelers must keep their baggage within the overhead compartment or under the seat directly in the front.
Tourists are allowed to carry the following items for free:

  • Portable computers, commonly called notebooks, are subject to this restriction.
    The crutches are walking aids utilized by elderly, sick, or disabled users.
  • A wallet, handbag, or pocketbook that may be a maximum of 37.5 millimeters (15 inches) and a maximum width of 25cm (10 inches) with a maximum thickness of 12.5 centimeters (5 inches) or three dimensions that do not exceed 75 cm (30 inches) and a maximum weight of 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs).
  • Baby food

Excess baggage: The traveler must assess the value of any additional baggage before boarding the plane. Checked bags are in addition to the quantity of luggage that is allowed by the traveler. Depending on the cabin status, military status, travel itinerary, and date of purchase, the weight of luggage that is checked may differ. No matter what class the passenger is paying for, using extra baggage over the free baggage allowance will be charged according to the following. Some passengers may feel discomfort or muscle pain after carrying a heavy or overweight carry-on bag that is too big to fit into an overhead storage locker. A piece of luggage that is too big or heavy could cause injury to you or other passengers in turbulent conditions and injury to the person in front of you It may be hazardous and block the escape routes for emergency personnel in an emergency. If safely kept in a secure overhead bin, every passenger can carry one handbag to the plane, not over seven kilograms or forty-five linear inches (about 115cm).

Cancellation and Refund

Thai Airways equips cancellation policy so that the customers can cancel their flight to prevent the loss due to travel collapse. This policy allows the customers to cancel the flight anytime 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

If you want to avoid cancellation fees and seek a full refund on the flight cancellation. Then, ensure to cancel the flight within 24 hours of the air ticketing or on the same day of the reservations. Further, depending on the reason behind canceling the flight, Thai Airways might approve the refund request.

To request the refund amount from the airways for the flight, the fare must be refundable. Otherwise, you would seek travel credits or a voucher which benefits you in a new reservation or flight upgrade within a year.

Complete package cancellations and amendments are required, and any applicable fees will be assessed by the individual element’s policies, which will be disclosed to you during the booking process.

The restrictions imposed by the type of ticket policies, hotel rates, and other activities booked may prevent cancellation or amendment of any part of the booking after payment. Certain package elements, such as show and theme park tickets, are nonrefundable and noted during the booking process.

  • If any portion of the reservation can be changed or canceled, the service providers (airline, hotel, tour operator, car rental company, etc.) may assess additional fees in addition to cancellation or amendment fees.
  • Hotel reservations are guaranteed only on the confirmed checkin date. If you cannot check in on the scheduled day, your hotel will consider you to have canceled a late checkin.
  • No reimbursement, either in whole or in part, will be provided for the services included in the reservation that the clients do not use once the trip has begun.
  • In addition to the terms mentioned above regarding cancellations, modifications, and revisions, all refunds are also subject to any fees or other costs levied by suppliers not affiliated with the company.
  • There might be a refund charge, but refunds will be paid reverse to the credit card used to make the original purchase. Nevertheless, please note that the time it takes to execute a refund depends on the credit card issuer’s procedure.
  • Please be advised that the cancellation and refund policies vary according to the fare, accommodation, and activity regulations.

Rules For Cancelled Flights Thai Airways

Once confirmed, Thai Airways will likely keep your reservation. If ThaiAirways makes modifications, it will notify you as soon as possible. Without incurring any liability, ThaiAirways retains the right to make insignificant modifications and to fix any inaccuracies in the booking information at any moment.

  • ThaiAirways’ liability to you is limited to material modifications. A significant modification is one that Thai Airways makes to your reservation that impacts a crucial aspect of your reservation before your departure. Consequently, any modification that includes canceling the reservation entirely or in large part or altering:
  • Should Thai Airways implement a noteworthy alteration, you possess an option. As appropriate, you may: Accept the modifications or
    • Agree to any alternative plans ThaiAirways can provide you with that are equal to or more valuable or
    • Agree to accept less expensive replacement arrangements from ThaiAirways together with the price difference between the original and the alternative arrangements or
    • Accept having your credit card account reimbursed with the refund.
  • If you have less than seven days until you depart from the date of notification, you must notify ThaiAirways of your choice as soon as possible but no later than three days before the departure date. It would help to let ThaiAirways know which options you choose within three (3) days of learning about the significant change ThaiAirways is making. You so consent to ThaiAirways assuming that you have approved the modifications if ThaiAirways does not hear from you regarding your decision.
  • ThaiAirways disclaims all liability for any ensuing costs or damages. You acknowledge that although you can make other arrangements, no reimbursement will be given if substantial modifications are made more than 14 days before departure.
  • Occasionally, ThaiAirways commits an error by inadvertently posting false information on the website (such as the cost, the description, or the accessibility of the hotel you have reserved). Therefore, even after you have our confirmation, ThaiAirways retains the right to cancel your reservation at any moment up to the point of departure. In such a case, you will get a complete refund for any money you have already paid. In such a case, no additional payment will be made.

Cabin Class

Thai Airways features its inflight services as well as the cabin into four major classes. Here are those;

Economy: It is the basic type of cabin that you can find on both routes whether international or domestic. Thai Airways first class flight features standard seats with limited legroom. The seats are wider than the average in comparison to the other Economy flights.

Premium Economy: Thai Airways is planning for Premium Economy on the selected long-haul fleet. Though, it has not been launched yet officially. Currently, one can choose Premium Plus while proceeding with the booking procedure online. It causes extra comfort and privacy to the travelers. Additionally, one may leverage priority boarding and check-in privileges.

Business (Royal Silk) Class: Royal Silk is the alternate name for Business Class that boasts smooth and genuine service. It features customizable seats that can turn into flatbeds. All seats are equipped with plentiful storage space and individual reading lights. The hospitality and dining are adorable. Meanwhile, entertainment and lounge alternatives might be mediocre or skimpy.

First Class: Thai Airways considers it even as the Royal First. It accommodates the fliers with spectacular ground experience and mouth watering cuisine. Seats in the first-class cabin are spacious and secluded, equipped with sliding doors and a large entertainment screen.

Seat Selection

Thai Airways proposes a paid seat selection service to international flight fliers in economy class and business class cabins. One can visit and choose the Preferred Seat tab to purchase their desired seat. For domestic fliers, seat selection is not feasible while buying air tickets online or later. The travelers can even manage their reservations on Thai Airways official website.

Inflight Entertainment & Wi-Fi

Thai Airways gets a bountiful collection of in-flight entertainment with more than 1,000 hours of short films, movies, games, news, music, and information. It will be enjoyable for travelers to travel by discovering a large personal screen for maximum viewing pleasure. The airways even furnish headphones for a pleasing and immersive adventure. One can even use their personal headphones.

If you do not find inflight entertainment interesting any long, you can purchase from wifi subscription list. With this, you can continue your social media engagement and could even enjoy the online movies, music and many more.

To purchase wifi subscription, you should access the mobile application and click on inflight connectivity. With this, you should continue with the prompts as visible on the screen.

Check in

Thai Airways features different options to check in for the customers. Using an official site or mobile application, one can conveniently check-in for the flight. The check-in starts online 48-24 hours before the flight departure and closes 60 minutes earlier than the departure of the flight. Alternatively, you can even check in at the airport but ensure to arrive 4-3 hours before at the airport.

Frequent Flyer Program

Royal Orchid Plus is the name of Thai Airways’ Frequent Flyer Program. It’s absolutely free to join. The program entitles the members to earn miles and elite status when flying with Thai or any star alliance partner flights. Depending on the earned miles within one or two years, you might win silver or gold status.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Thai Airways has been a founding member of Star Alliance since 1997. Having membership in the world’s largest airline alliance, Thai successfully features more than 1,000 lounges. Being a star alliance member, the airways operates 10, 000 flights to approx. 1200 airports across 184 countries on a daily basis.

Thai Airways is a member of Star Alliance; hence, its have partnerships with  United Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, EVA Air, Asiana Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, TAP Portugal, LOT Polish Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air China, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, TAM Airlines, SWISS, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Canada, US Airways, Adria Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Air New Zealand, EGYPTAIR, ANA, Lufthansa.

Thai Airways also has a codeshare agreement between Emirates, El Al Israel Airlines, and Royal Brunei Airlines.

Food & Drink

Thai Airways has various wide-ranging food and drinks menus for all the fliers on various cabin classes. Frequent flyer program members are liable to pre-order from the meal services. to leverage the pre-order meal service, fliers must continue the same 72 hours before the departure.

Pet Policy

If you have a certified service animal, you’re in luck! Thai Airways allows them to travel with you in the passenger cabin. However, if you have a pet, you won’t be able to bring them along. It’s important to note that you should book this service directly with Thai Airways and not through a pet travel company like Fetchapet. Keep in mind that all pets must be transported in the cargo hold during Thai Airways flights.

According to its policy, Thai Airlines may transport your pet within this area in the cargo section of an aircraft.Pressure and temperature levels in the cargo area are similar to the pressure in the cabin for passengers.Rabbits, cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters are all allowed to be pets.Animals that are sick or pregnant cannot be permitted.Soft-shelled turtles, skunks, rats, minks, birds, and reptiles aren’t allowed.

Pets as checked Baggage (AVIH) The benefit of this service, passengers can check in and collect their pet at terminals for passengers at the airport where their aircraft is leaving and arriving.The pet will be in a secure, temperature-controlled area in an airplane held directly below the passenger cabin.Transfers to and from the United States of America Pets can weigh up to 32 kilograms and have sizes of 54 inches, 27 inches in height, and 33 inches in width, including the pet’s container.

In specific locations, THAI permits assistance dogs for deaf travelers or guide dogs that can assist blind persons inside the cabin.It is up to the traveler to ensure they have all the required papers and entry/transit documents for animals. There will be no charge related to this service. Contact the nearest THAI Office a minimum of 48 hours before the flight’s departure time.The dog will sit beside you but not within the safety row and will not be able to take the seat. Throughout the journey, your dog must be kept under control. When a person with disabilities must carry an assist dog, guide dog, or emotional support dog, they must be restrained on the flight from or to within the United States.

Unaccompanied Minor

For children traveling alone and falling between the ages of 5 and 17, Thai Airways offers an unaccompanied minor service. This service is mandatory for children aged 5-11 who are traveling in economy class, but it’s optional for children aged 12-17. Please note that this service is only available for children aged 8-11 who are traveling in business or first class.

THAI cannot allow children to travel independently on all routes, including transfers from Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airport.If a child requires help at the transfer location, THAI will not allow children to travel independently, which involves an overnight stay or transfer or a delay of more than 6 hours.Specific rules could apply when a child travels on other carriers. Different airlines might have different age limits for children who are not accompanied, and it is best to confirm this with them. It’s not permissible for minors to travel by themselves with pets.Making sure that all permits and other conditions are met is essential. For instance, minors from different nationalities who visit the Philippines must obtain a waiver of exclusion issued by the Philippines Embassy. Other documentation might be required for certain nations. According to THAI, the parents or guardians have to take their child to the airport and stay until the plane takes off. Parents must complete the check-in procedure to allow THAI to admit children to travel. The child will receive exceptional care throughout the journey by cabin attendants following being transferred by ground personnel at the departure area to cabin attendants who will assist in the boarding process. Once the child is at the location, the ground crew of THAI will be there to help them through the procedures to arrive until they reach the designated guardian, who must show proof of proof of identification to get the child. The safety and well-being of a child are vital, and THAI ensures that they arrive on time and are transferred to the right person.


Thai Airways offers airport lounges with complimentary snacks, drinks, meals, and Wi-Fi for eligible travelers. Lounges are categorized by class of travel and membership status. Royal Silk Lounge for Business class and Star Alliance Gold, and Royal Orchid Lounge for First class and Royal Orchid Plus Platinum.

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