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You can purchase basic, classic, flex and business class flights ticket with Avianca according to your budget and travel plans. Travel the way you prefer to go with Avianca. With their brand-new prices, you can choose which fits your needs best. Explore more with Basic or gain more benefits by choosing Classic and explore new possibilities using Flex or get the most comfortable of Business. Avianca’s modern fleet ensures comfortable travel throughout Europe and the Americas. Avianca, a highly coveted Star Alliance member, provides many connecting options to ensure global travel. Beyond connectivity, you can enjoy the comfort and punctuality that has been awarded accolades APEX South America awarded. Cirium declared it the world’s fastest-running airline in 2023. Start your adventure with Avianca.

Avianca (AV) was founded in 1919 and has been the national flag carrier of Colombia and its flag airline. The network covers South America, Central America, Europe, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. It is Colombia’s largest air carrier and the second-largest one in Latin America. El Dorado International Airport (BOG), located in Bogota, Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) in Lima in Lima, and Comalapa International Airport (SAL) in San Salvador are the main hubs. Contemporary Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, and A330 aircraft, in addition to the cutting-edge Boeing 787, form part of Avianca’s fleet. Long-haul aircraft provide business or economy class seating, while local service aircraft are equipped with economy class seats. Avianca is part of the Star Alliance. Avianca is part of the Synergy Group, which includes VIP (Ecuador) and Ocean Air (Brazil).

One of the top airlines linking South America to the rest of the world is Avianca. Because of its subsidiaries, Avianca Costa Rica and Avianca Brasil, it has the largest network of destinations in Latin America. With more than 25 destinations in Colombia and more than 40 in Europe and the Americas, Avianca is based in Bogota and does business there. 2019 marks the airline’s 100th anniversary. It is the Western Hemisphere’s oldest operating enterprise.
After a merger with TACA in 2009, Avianca merged with TACA. At the end of 2009, Avianca took over some of the Services and flights operated by TACA. Because TACA was once one of the top airline companies operating in South America, this was one of the most significant mergers of airlines in history. However, TACA has been doing business under the name Avianca El Salvador. In addition, Avianca had a subsidiary in Peru called Avianca Peru, but COVID-19 caused the airline to cease operations in 2020.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Each passenger is allowed to carry one (1) baggage  and one (1) individual item to be taken on every Avianca flight. The dimensions and weight (H+L+W) of hand luggage that is carried cannot surpass 22 lbs (10 kilograms), which is 115 cm (45 inches). A woman’s bag includes a blanket, walking cane, camera binoculars, photography equipment including a laptop or a video computer, items that infants use during their travel, a crib for the baby as well as a wheelchair, crutches or prosthetics, a few some examples of personal possessions.

Personal Item :

  • It could be a laptop bag, a handbag, a knapsack, or a diaper bag.
  • Maximum measurement (height, length, and width) 45 35 cm x 25 cm.
  • Check that it’s a good fit under the seat directly in front of you.
  • You can bring one personal item free of charge for each of our tickets.

Carry-on baggage

It is also possible to take it in an aircraft cabin and store it in the overhead storage bin.

  • The maximum dimensions that include handles and wheels are 55 35 cm x 25cm (height, length, width, and breadth).
  • The maximum weight limit is 10 kilograms. Carry-on baggage must be registered as checked baggage if it doesn’t comply with the criteria.
  • All prices except for basic and XS. This includes.

Checked baggage

Before you can enter the boarding lounge, Check in at the counter at the airport.

  • Maximum dimensions: the total width, length, and height must not exceed 158 centimeters.
  • The maximum weight for the business class is 32 kilograms; for the economy class, it’s 23 kilograms.
  • The luggage is included in the standard business, flex M, L, and XXL travel tickets. In addition, if it meets the dimensions and weight requirements, you can replace the included luggage item with sporting items beginning February 1, 2024.

Checked baggage is free on domestic flights to Colombia:

Business Class two bags that do not weigh more than 70 pounds (32 kg) each and have a maximum dimensions of 158cm (62 in)

Economy Class: 1. piece of luggage that has a combined maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a maximum length overall of 150 centimeters (62 in)

Allowance for luggage free of charge for international travel between and to Spain, Mexico, the United States, and Canada:

Business Class 2 bags that weigh less than 70 pounds (32 kg) in total and can be combined to a maximum dimensions of 158cm (62 inches).

Economy Class: two pieces of luggage with a weight limit of not greater than 50 pounds (23 kg) and dimensions not over 60 centimeters (62 in).

The luggage allowance is free on flights to and from Latin America internationally:

Business Class 2 bags that weigh less than 70 pounds (32 kg) in total and have a maximum size of 158cm (62 inches).

Economy Class: One piece of luggage that has a 50 lbs (23 kg) weight limit and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62 in)

Overweight baggage Fees

The weight of any luggage that weighs at least 50 pounds (23 kg) and seventy pounds (32 kg) is considered to be overweight for traveling internationally between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Each artwork is charged an additional fee of $55. There is an extra amount of $100 per box for each piece weighing between 70 pounds (32 kilograms) and 100 pounds (45 kilograms).

Baggage charges are excessive for flights within Colombia. Overweight baggage greater than 158 millimeters (62 inches) or 230 millimeters (90.5 inches) is subject to a tax of COP 100,000.

Oversized luggage measuring between 158 cm (62 inches) and 230 centimeters (90.5 inches) will be subject to a USD 100 charge for each bag on international flights connecting the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Excess Baggage Fees

Every additional component measuring at or above 150 centimeters (62 inches) in length and weighing less than 50 pounds (23 kg) will be charged COP 100,000.

A second piece, with a maximum length of 300 centimeters (90.5 inches) and weight between 50 and (23 kg) and 100 pounds (45 kg), is priced at COP 200 000 per piece.

Cancellation & Refund

Flight cancellations more than 24 hours before the departure, entitles someone to seek 90% refund of the booking value. Rather than this, if someone cancels the flight less than 24 hours before the departure, 80% of the tickets is refundable.

As much as you delay to cancel the flight after 24 hours of reservations, the less percentage of booking value you seek on canceling the flight. To request the refund, you need to submit the refund request form.

After the approval, the refund will be processed. Within 20-7 business days, the process will be completed. Refund amount is possible only for the refundable fare holders. However, airlines provide travel credit to the non-refundable fare holders on canceling the flight.

The fare differential will reflect the price difference between the ticket you originally purchased and the new ticket you selected. In the event of a force majeure incident being triggered, you will have ninety days from the day of the flight affected to ask for an exemption, change the date of your flight, or get a refund. The ninety days must be completed within the ticket’s validity period, which lasts one year from the purchase date. If a force majeure situation hinders your travel, you must fill out the form for reimbursement by choosing “You cannot travel due to force majeure.”

If you purchased a business or XXL flight, you have 24 hours before your flight leaves to cancel. Keep in mind that an amount will be deducted based on the applicable country. Because of bank procedures, the payment on your account could last up to 30 days.

If you are in El Salvador or Colombia, you can ask for your purchase to be canceled according to the policies in each country.

In accordance with the regulations of each nation, you have the option to ask for a reimbursement if you purchased your ticket from one of the countries listed below.

  • Argentina : Your ticket request must be made in Argentina 10 days after your purchase date. If you request later than 24 hours before the flight departure, you are charged 90 percent of the cost or an additional service fee.& The ticket will be charged 80% of the price or an extra service fee when your request is made less than 24 hours before the departure date of the plane.
  • Canada : Cancellation requests must be made within 24 hours from the issue date for reservations made at least seven days before departure.
  • Chile : For travel plans that still need to be started. Any inquiries must be received within ten business days after the transaction.
  • Colombia: You can exercise your right to withdraw five business days following the date of purchase. However, the flight cannot depart within the next five days from the day you made your purchase.
  • El Salvador: If your flight does not depart on the specified dates, you can cancel within 8 calendar days from the purchase date. The cancellation request should be submitted at least 24 hours before the departure date of the flight.
    This applies to any additional services or tickets purchased via any channel that lists El Salvador as the origin or destination.
  • United States: Reservations must be completed 7 calendar days before the flight’s departure date. Cancellation requests must be made within a day of the issue.
  • Mexico: Requests for cancellation made within one day from the date of issue.

If you cannot travel due to illness, medical issues, or the death of a, you can claim a refund or a free flight modification.

  • Infirmity: Your ticket was purchased before you became sick. During or before the journey, you became ill. This does not have to do with planning a cosmetic or dental procedure. A medical or disability certificate from a healthcare or hospital facility that contains the following details, including the name of the patient as well as dates of procedure or reason that prevented the patient from being able to fly, a doctor’s authorization stamp, and the reason for why the patient is not able to fly.
  • Death: If this unfortunate incident occurs before or during your journey, you can request that your trip be changed in the event that either the traveler, parent (first or second-degree consanguinity), or a travel companion dies. The death certificate and evidence attesting to the relationship are required.
  • Loss or theft of documents Tickets that were bought prior to theft or loss of your ID documentation: You are entitled to demand a change in the date of your excursion in the event that you, a family member (first—as well as second-degree consanguinity), or a travel friend have suffered from identity theft.

Cabin Classes

There are two travel classes on Avianca Airlines. Economy and business are the travel classes into which Avianca Airlines travel services are divided. Here is some information about the airline’s respective travel classes.

Economy Class: Besides complimentary meals and drinks, this class has comfy chairs with movable headrests, personal screens with entertainment options, USB ports, and power outlets. There is also one carry-on bag and one checked bag limit. Economy Class has the fare types basic, light, classic, XS, S, and M fares.

Business Class: This class features priority check-in and boarding, access to VIP lounges, wide seats that recline into flat beds, amenity kits, personal screens with noise-canceling headphones, two carry-on bags, and two checked bags. It also has Fare types XL and XXL.

Although Avianca doesn’t have Premium Economy and First Class, Avianca offers Premium seats, Plus Economy seats, and Flatbed seat bookings so the passengers can feel luxury during travel.

Seat Selection

For seat selection, you must be at least 15 years old and unaccompanied by a child (under 2 years of age) and not pregnant at the time you travel. You are physically fit such as age, health, or that allows you to help during an evacuation. Also, you haven’t requested an additional assistance program.


Avianca Airlines has two options for the customers to check in for the flight. To check in for the flight one can access web check in to prevent the hassle at the airport. The access for web check in starts 48-24 hours before the departure but it ends 60 minutes prior to your flight. Ensure to arrive 4-3 hours before the departure at the airport. So, that you could successfully check in for the flight offline–at the check in point.

Inflight Entertainment & Wi-Fi

Avianca equips high-speed Wi-Fi connections on selected flights for free. It is convenient to access on tablets, laptops and phones. Avianca offers an entertainment system too, with screens merged into each seat to relish music, series, movies, flight information and much more.

You can download the Avianca Entertainment app prior to the departure and discover a wide selection of television shows, popular movies, and music on your personal device. Inflight entertainment system is accessible for all the fliers on Avianca Airlines flights. Using the integrated screen, you can enjoy the inflight entertainment option. Or else, you can even use your own device to enjoy any of the entertainment options.

Food & Drinks

Avianca supplies complimentary food and drinks on aircraft within Europe and on wide-body flight in the Americas. Travelers can enjoy breakfast, snacks, lunch, dessert, dinner, and beverages, including alcoholic drinks too.

Avianca even features an onboard menu for a fee on the domestic and international flights. You can pick from drinks, savory and sweet snacks, combos, and more. One must pay using debit or credit card.

Frequent Flyer Program

LifeMiles is the Frequent Flyer Program of Avianca Airlines. It’s free to join which entitles the members to earn miles on Avianca Flights or its Star Alliance partner.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Avianca have following partnership

  • Star Alliance : Avianca is an active part of Star Alliance and has partnerships with 26 airlines that cover more than 1,300 destinations around the world.
  • Interline Agreements: Accumulate LifeMiles and utilize them to travel on any occasion. Get additional rewards for flying on Star Alliance member airlines.The following airlines have agreements for interline that are with Avianca: Air India, Copa Airlines, Eva Air, South African Airways, Air China, Shenzhen Airlines, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Aegean Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Air Canada, Croatia Airlines, TAP Portugal; Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, United Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Egyptair, Swiss, Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines.
  • Codeshare Agreement: United Airlines, Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras, Lufthansa, Air China, Copa Airlines, Iberia, Etihad Airways, ANA: All Nippon Airways, Gol Linhas Aereas, Clic Air, Air Canada, Eva Air, Air India, Silver Airways, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, ITA Airways, as well as Tap Portugal are among the airlines with whom Avianca is a part of codeshare arrangements.
  • Avianca Connect : This program allows you to connect your flights with other airlines so that you can travel to more destinations. Dohop is the service provider of this service. You can connect to low-cost airlines using Avianca Connect to gain access to new destinations. Vueling, Spirit, Airtransat, Norwegian, and Eurowings are just a few partners.

Pet Policy

According to the pet policy of Avianca Airlines, dogs, cats and small ornamental birds are acceptable on the flight. Avianca Airlines allows the travelers to bring their selected pets in the cabin or in the cargo. Size and weight of the pet will decide, your pet will be suitable for which service, i.e., cargo or cabin. Pets that weigh more than 22 pounds (including the container’s weight) can travel with their owners in the cabin. Review the rules about the unique characteristics of your pet.Additional restrictions apply if you travel with service or emotional assistance dogs. Only cats, dogs, and roosters can be transported by Avianca . This service should be demanded at a minimum of 48 hours before the departure date of your flight. Due to the short time frame after the rabies vaccination, Avianca will not transport pet animals (dogs and cats) under four months old. This restriction doesn’t be applicable to flights that fly domestically within Colombia , and we permit pets at least 2 months of age to possess current vaccination reports. One (1) pet can be allowed inside the cabin on an aircraft. The pet must be kept in flexible enclosures (kennels) compact enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane. Your pet should always be inside the container during the flight. It should be 22 by 14 inches by 10 inches in length, width, and height. Make reservations for this service by contacting Our contact center, retail stores, or travel agencies at a minimum of 48 hours before the departure date of your flight. The paperwork required for your flight may change according to where it’s traveling and its direction. Take note of the following documents that you should bring to the counter at the airport on the day you travel:

  • An original copy of the vaccination document for your dog.
  • A certificate from a veterinarian of health inspection, with the number of professional registrations on it. The validity period of this document is different by country.
  • Pets in the cabin and cabin: Fill in the form, print it out
  • Your pet should weigh at most 22 lbs in total, not including the weight of the container, to travel along with you.

Unaccompanied Minor

The Unaccompanied Minor Service provided by Avianca assists with minor check-in and boarding of planes. An employee from Avianca will be with any minors from when they’re handed over to the Airline until they have been safely transferred to their final destination. If the child has special requirements, they will be taken care of once they’re aboard the plane. When minors reach their destination, they must go through the immigration process and baggage claims with an adult in the same room before being handed over securely to the person given the task of picking them up.

  • Starting on Feb. 15, 2024, passengers aged 14 or under must travel with their parents and responsible adults aged 18 or older on international and domestic flights. Check out the notice for more information.
  • Do not worry if you purchased your ticket before 15 February 2024! The passengers who are traveling must be at least 14 years old. To get their boarding pass, the passengers must visit the counter at the airport.
  • Make sure you check with the appropriate immigration authority of the nation to determine which documents or permits are needed for minors to travel into and out of the country.
  • Be aware that Avianca does not offer minor services without a companion or the advised minor service on one of our routes.

Children younger than 2 are known as babies. Be aware that the baby’s ticket is converted into a child’s ticket (2 to 11 years old), and seats will be offered when they turn 2 before or on the return date.

  • This service is mandatory for children traveling alone with Avianca between 5 and 11 years old.
  • If a trip between or within the United States, children aged 5-14 have to use the Unaccompanied Minor Service.
  • Children between 5 and 17 must utilize the unaccompanied minor service if you are traveling between or within Panama.


Avianca Airlines run VIP lounges at several airports where you can discover various unleashed services and amenities. Members of LifeMiles and Star Alliance Gold are eligible to access the VIP lounge services at the airport. Further, you can even buy a pass to leverage the access to the VIP Lounge at the airport. But the pass is non-refundable.

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