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Gol Linhas Aereas – Find the Cheapest Airfare

Low-cost airline GOL Transportes Aereos is based in Brazil. It is the most significant domestic airline and the third-largest airline in the world. Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA (GOL) was established in 2001 and began with its first flight on the 15th of January, 2001. The Brazilian low-cost carrier provides flights to destinations across Brazil and the markets of South America, the Caribbean, and the United States from its primary base, Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport. It also operates from the airport of Sao Paulo Congonhas. LCC also operates from bases in Rio de Janiero International Airport as well as Brasilia International Airport. In 2007, GOL bought VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. (Varig), which allowed it to expand its network of routes as well as increase its business volume to strategic locations in Brazil.
Gol is a competitor in Brazil and other South American countries with Chilean LATAM Airlines Group, Brazilian Azul, and Colombia-based Avianca Holdings S.A. It also has the brand Varig, but the name is used to refer to what’s more commonly referred to by the name of “new” Varig, founded in 2006, and not the long-gone “old” Varig airline, established in 1927. Some Major Airport are Salvador International Airport, Recife International Airport, Punta Cana International Airport, Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont Airport, Manaus International Airport, Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, Porto Alegre International Airport, Curitiba International Airport, Fortaleza International Airport. Gol serves 75 domestic destinations and 13 international destinations in 9 countries. The scheduled network of GOL Airlines is expanding both domestically and internationally. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia are its main hubs. In addition, Belo Horizonte, Porte Alegre, Salvador da Bahia, and Punta Cana are the locations where GOL Airlines focuses its operations. While the airline does fly to several destinations in South, Central, and North America, it is primarily focused on offering services within Brazil.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Below are restriction given for Gol Airline ;

Carry on Baggage: One carry-on baggage of 10 kg (22lbs) is acceptable in the cabin. The dimension of the baggage must be 32 x 25 x 55 cm (13 x 9 x 21 inch). Also you can carry One personal item .

Checked Baggage: In the cabin , checked baggage of 23 kg is acceptable per person on the flight. Dimension of the baggage must not be more than 157 cm or 61.8 inch.

GOL allows 5 bags per person on the flight. Each bag must be of 23 kg with the same size. If any bag exceeds the size or weight one must pay the penalty depending on route, travel class, and fare type.

Personal Item: GOL Airlines allows the travelers to add any of the personal items to the carry on baggage for free.

Below Is Fee Structure For Extra Luggage
  • Costs per bag to travel within Brazil when paid via GOL digital chanels is R$30 per bag to the initial one, R$50 for the next, and R$60 on the third.
  • The fees per bag to travel out of Brazil If payed at the airport check-in counter is $20 for the first bag followed by US$60 for the subsequent and US$90 for a third.
  • Fees per bag to travel beyond Brazil when paying through GOL digital channels is $10 for the first, US$30 for the next, as well as US$45 to pay for the last.
  • The fees per bag to travel within Brazil when they are paid at the check-in counter, are R$60 for the first bag, R$100 for the next and R$120 for the third.

Cancellation & Refund

According to the cancelation policy, customers cannot cancel the flight anytime before departure. However, a cancelation fee will be applicable, and a partial refund is possible. If you cancel the flight more than 14 days before the departure, none of the fees apply to the flight cancelation. Further, you must pay the cancellation fees if you do the same less than 14 hours before your flight. If you cancel the flight far before the departure, you will be liable to avoid the cancellation policy and eligible to seek a full refund. The refund option and cancelation fee depend on the fare type and destination.

According to the official website, GOL will refund the amount as credit, which you can use within 12 months. Passengers can get a full refund when a flight is delayed or canceled. The passenger must pay a certain amount if the customer wants to cancel the flight ticket.

it’s regarded as an original change in flight or flight that has its timing changed (starting at 30 minutes for domestic flights and 1 hour for international flights) or canceled unilaterally by GOL. (involuntary) It is considered to be a legitimate and unaffected flight during which passengers are changed. (voluntary) Flight cancellations could be caused by a variety of reasons including personal emergencies, to unpredictable events that affect the airline. Understanding the need for cancellation procedures is vital to the safety of passengers and the efficiency of the operation of an airline.

Cabin Classes

GOL Airlines offers two travel classes such as economy and premium economy. Each of the travel classes feature distinctive services on board. So there might be different fares of the respective class.
Economy: GOL Airlines features standard seats, inflight entertainment, with option to buy snacks & drinks on economy flights.
Premium Economy: GOL Airlines offers priority boarding, more legroom, priority check-in, and complimentary snacks and drinks to the fliers on premium economy class flights.
Depending on your preferred travel class, you must pay the amount while booking. In case you do not find economy class fare worthwhile, then upgrade to Premium economy and pay the difference accordingly.
Additionally, passengers have the option of GOL+ Conforto, which allows them to fly in seats with 10% more room between them and 50% more recline. Priority check-in and boarding also grant access to a dedicated baggage compartment.

Seat Selection

GOL Airlines included the seat selection policy. Following the policy, all fliers are eligible to choose the seat in advance of the departure based on their preference. Still, it would help to select the seat, at least during the check-in accessibility. Seat selection before the departure is payable, and check-in is payable. Further, choosing seats is free during the check-in accessibility. If you want more comfort during travel, you can choose the GOL+ Conforto Seat; you can get a place in the first row or just near the emergency exit. For Max Fare and Smile Diamond clients + companions in the same reservation, there are no charges for choosing GOL+ Conforto Seat for Smile Gold clients+ you can get up to 50% discount.

Inflight Entertainment & WiFi

You will be amazed with lots of excitement when you know that GOL Airlines features wifi and a wide ranging entertainment collection on the flight. So, it’s 100% sure your travel is going to be the most remarkable ever. Depending on your preference and convenience , you choose from the GOL Airlines inflight entertainment options or online collections to enjoy throughout the trip by accessing the wifi connection onboard.

There are three types of wifi packages that you can buy, based on your wishlist. As per the GOL Airlines, one must pay the nominal amount to leverage the wifi connection. The service amount depends on your preference.

Movies, TV shows, music, games, magazines, and news are the following inflight entertainment options that you can choose from when flying on GOL Flights.

Food & Drink

On flights, GOL Airlines provides free meals and drinks with vegetarian choices. For flights that last between 50 minutes and 3 hours, you will be getting a light, cold dinner and a range of non-alcoholic beverages, which includes coffee.
It is possible to experience a distinctive onboard experience, including food, sandwiches, dinners and drinks when you fly on GOL Premium Economy. At certain airports, you can use GOL Premium Lounge. GOL Premium Lounge in which you can enjoy beverages, a buffet showers, Wi-Fi and a buffet.

Check in

GOL Airlines features web check in rather than check in at the airport. The web check in opens 48 hours in advance of the departure, which even closes 12 before your flight. Using the mobile phone or official site, you can check in online. Further, if you are planning to check in for the flight at the airport, you must arrive at the airport at least 4-3 hours before the departure.

Frequent Flyer Program

GOL Airlines offers a frequent flyer program which is known as Smiles loyalty program. Being a member of this program, you can earn miles on every reservation. You can use these miles against the new reservations. In fact, miles earned through the Smiles loyalty program membership, are redeemable against partner airlines or any other relevant service such as lounge.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

GOL Airlines is not a member of any worldwide airline alliance yet. But, it has partnership agreements with many individual airlines such as, Delta, Emirates, Air France, Copa, Etihad, KLM, and Aerolineas Argentinas.

Pet Policy

The dogs and cats are two of the animals GOL Airlines allows as checked baggage. They must be at minimum four months old and be in an animal dog kennel. The kennel must be large enough to allow the animal to rotate fully, and is made of a sturdy material, smooth and waterproof. In addition, all aircraft allow the transport of pets and cats that weigh up to 10 kilograms (with transportation cage) in the cabin of the passenger.

Unaccompanied Minor

GOL Airlines considers Voe Junto Service as Unaccompanied Minor policy that states kids below 8 years old are not eligible to travel alone. Kids between 8 and fifteen are liable to fly alone only when they purchase unaccompanied minor fare. However, this fare is optional to purchase for kids more than 16 years old. When buying this fare, you cannot fly on the connecting flights of GOL Airlines.


Before your flight, you can unwind or work in the exclusive GOL Premium Lounge. Customers of GOL Airlines that qualify may use it, such as those who fly in Premium Economy, are Gold Smiles members, or have Priority Pass.
Customers of GOL Airlines that qualify may use it, such as those who fly in Premium Economy, are Gold Smiles members, or have Priority Pass. Modern amenities like Wi-Fi, showers, a buffet, and drinks are available in the lounge. the top search outcome.

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