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AirAsia Airlines Reservations–Grab All-Inclusive Deals 

AirAsia is a flagship as well as a largest carrier operator in Malaysia. This airline flies multinational aircrafts as well as domestic flights. Including both routes, these airlines cover over 165 destinations across 25 countries. Following all the latest air travel services, AirAsia Airlines have been satisfying its valuable travelers. 

AirAsia Airlines offers exciting weekly deals to make air travel affordable to all travelers within its destination list. Air travel won’t be tedious at any point. Hence, the airline has arranged inflight services all from the top collections. 

Inflight Service such wide ranging food and drinks including alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids, entertainment streaming options, free wifi connections and complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic liquids. Further, AirAsia inflight services are specified as per the Travel Classes specifications. It means you will be liable to leverage the services as per your seating reservations.

Economy, and Premium economy are the following travel classes holding one-of-its-own-kind inflight services. So, there would be a slight difference in the ticketing fare while booking the flight with AirAsia Reservations.

Thai AirAsia, AirAsia X, Philippines AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia X and AirAsia India are the following affiliates of AirAsia that offer Premium Flex deals on last minute booking including other exciting favors to the customers. Premium Flex fares are available 3-4 hours before the departure that can be purchased by connecting with the travel agent, accessing mobile application, and official website. 

Premium Flex holders are liable to carry 20kg of baggage. Additionally, they can choose from the hot seats or standard seats. Further seat selection completely depends on the seat selection.

Baggage Policy

If you want to prevent any kind of extra payment at the airport while check in then you must adhere to the following key points about the baggage as mentioned below.

Cabin Baggage(Carry-on baggage)

Checked Baggage

Cancellation and Refund

AirAsia better understands the incurring of unpredicted changes to your plan after the reservation is done. Hence, the cancellation policy has been included in its further policies so that one can cancel their booking anytime 2 hours or 4 hours before the departure time.

According to AirAsia Airlines the flight cancellation is chargeable. Airline deducts from the booking value and refunds you with the rest amount. Further, you can go through the below drawn table.

Cancelation request  % of Cancelation Fee
Cancellation more than 72 hours in advance of the departure. 25% of the booking value
Cancelation less or more than or equal to 72 hours in advance of the departure. 50% of the booking value
Flight cancellations less or more than 12 hours or equal to 48 hours before the scheduled departure. 60% of the booking value
Flight cancellations after or within 24 hours or 12 hours in advance of the scheduled departure.  70% of the booking value
Flight Cancellations within 12 hours or less or 4 hours before the scheduled departure. 80% of the booking value
Flight cancellations within 4 hours or less hours before the departure schedule. 90% of the booking value

Note: Ensure to submit the refund request online just after the flight cancellation, so that you could seek the rest amount in your account as a refund. The refund request applies to refundable fare holders.

Non-refundable fare holders might not have potential or right to claim the refund in the original form of payment. But they can seek travel credits which are redeemable within a year against upcoming reservation. The travel credits can be used to cover the difference amount during the seat upgrade or flight change.

Cabin Classes

As same as the other airlines, AirAsia Airlines differ in travel class holding specified onboard services. Here are those cabin classes you can choose at the very beginning of the booking procedure.


This is one of the basic and cheapest options of AirAsia Airlines Travel class that features standard seats and hot seats. Whereas hot seats are payable the Standard seats are free to choose. Hot seats feature extra legroom so no worries about the pain to your knees. Further, economy fliers are facilitated with such an appreciable on board customer service so that none of the customers would experience as cheap as the fare type.

In addition to all the rest, AirAsia even facilitates the customers with many other leading inflight services such as free wifi connection, complimentary snacks and drinks. If you want inflight food and drinks depending on your taste or requirement, you are supposed to book your meals 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the flight.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy is even called Premium Flex that gets the travel flexibility and several perks for the customers. They are eligible for 20kg of checked baggage for free. Additionally, Premium economy fliers are liable to leverage free inflight meals with limited addition.

Moreover, Premium Economy Travel Class features hot seats and standard seats. The fliers can choose from any of them although the seat selection depends on the availability.

However, AirAsia Airlines is the low cost carrier operator, hence it does not feature business and first class flight.

Seat Selection

AirAsia Airlines allow the customers to choose the seats as per their convenience. But one must pay to purchase the seats depending on their comfort. The customers can continue this procedure online when the web check-in is open, 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

If you are planning to check-in offline, at the airport, then you should arrive the same 3-4 hours before the departure.

Passengers who have purchased a value pack bundle or premium flex flier or premium flatbed traveler, can make seat selection for free. In case, the customers ever opt to change their seat, must pay the difference amount. These fliers can even purchase the seat far earlier than the departure date of the flight.

Inflight Entertainment and Wifi

To continue the travel with most exciting vibes for the customers, AirAsia provides amazing inflight entertainment options such as music, games, TV series, and magazines. This service is accessible on the AirAsia Premium Economy class.

Further, one can unleash beyond the collection of entertainment options by accessing free wifi connection. With this, one can continue with their social media engagement. AirAsia Airlines also features special shows for the kids so that they won’t find the travel boring. And could reach out to the destination conveniently.

Premium Economy Fliers can unleash from the inflight entertainment options and free wifi connection to watch online movies and listen to the online music.

Food and Drink

AirAsia fliers are facilitated with a wide ranging inflight food and drinks. This kind of service is featured to all the fliers no matter whether they are economy fliers or premium economy fliers. The travelers have the potential to choose and pre-book meals from a wide collection of non-veg, veg, and vegan hot meals and sandwiches. Hot beverages, cold drinks, water, are the following non-alcoholic drinks that are being served to customers for a drink. Further there is an alcoholic option too. But that kind of drink is payable.


AirAsia Airlines facilitates the customers with mainly two methods to check-in for the flight. One can check-in for the flight online and offline. Online check-in is also termed as web check-in. For web check-in one should access the official site or the mobile application. One the other hand, one should go to the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure if they want to check in for domestic flights. Otherwise, international fliers need to arrive at the airport 3 hours earlier than the flight departure for check-in.

Frequent Flyer Programme

AirAsia Airlines even features a frequent flier programme which is called as AirAsia BIG. customers can earn frequent flier programmes by undertaking several ways such as flying as AirAsian, booking via AirAsia Smart cards, and shopping with any partner companies of AirAsia.

The points earned by the customers depend on the ticket cost and the fare type. Customers can redeem their points for the flight reservations.

Airlines Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Currently, AirAsia does not belong to any Alliance or any codeshare agreement.

Pet Policy

Abiding by the pet policy of AirAsia Airlines, one can conveniently travel with their pets. As per the policy, cats and dogs are acceptable to fly along with the flyers. Meanwhile, one should ensure the size of their pet. Pets must be small enough to fit in a carrier which is ebay to carry and placed under the seat while on board.

Unaccompanied Minor

AirAsia Airlines offers Unaccompanied Minor fare. This fare is mainly for the unaccompanied minor. To leverage this program kids must fall within 7 and 12 years old. Otherwise the request for unaccompanied minors will be rejected. Meanwhile, one is supposed to show age proof id along with the name. And that must be legally sanctioned. Then only the reservations will proceed further.


Fortunately, AirAsia has featured its own lounge at KLIA2–the home base. But the lounge is not as tough or exceptional as an impeccable-service airline lounge. Still, it is a well-maintained lounge.

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