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Air Dolomiti–Discover Europe at Your Budget

Air Dolomiti S.p.A. is a regional airline based in Italy, affiliated with Lufthansa regional, and fully-owned by Lufthansa. Its range of routes connects various Italian cities to Munich and Frankfurt, with the majority being marketed under the Air Dolomiti name and operated in partnership with Lufthansa. However, some flights are still marketed under the Lufthansa brand.

Air Dolomiti operates over 550 weekly flights between Italy and Germany, with Verona serving as one of its primary Italian hubs. As a full-service carrier, passengers can expect exceptional inflight entertainment options and complimentary wifi access while onboard their aircraft.

Baggage Allowance Policy

According to the official website of Air Dolomiti regarding the Baggage allowance, Fare selected type, status of Miles and Frequent miles program only decides how much one can bring. Here’s an example of baggage allowance based on various criteria.

Customers who purchase presto while booking the flight, are liable to carry one cabin bag weighing up to 8 kg. However, they cannot bring checked baggage on the flight.

Allegro fare holders can bring one cabin of 8kg and one checked baggage of 23 kg on the flight.

Air Dolomiti allows the Vivace fare holders to carry one cabin bag of 8kg and one checked baggage which must not exceed 32 kg.

One might have to pay for exceeding the baggage size or weight.

Cancellation & Refund

Following the web search, canceling and refund policy depends on the fare rules and ticket type. Still, if anyone cancels the flight within twenty-four hours of ticket purchase, seeking full refund from the airline is 100% possible. However, it would be possible only when the booking has been made a week before the travel date.

To cancel the flight one can contact the Air Dolomiti call center or login to any of the online booking portals. Further, by accessing “Manage My Booking” and continue as per the prompts visible on the screen.

According to Air Dolomiti, refundable fare holders can only raise refund requests and seek partial or full refund. Unfortunately, non-refundable fare is not liable to get any refund on canceling the flight. However, they are entitled to seek retained booking value which is termed as travel credits. These are redeemable within a year of issue to book a new flight.

If anyone extends the 24-hours cancellation policy, the penalty will be applied by the airline during flight cancellation.

Cabin Class

There are two cabin classes that Air Dolomiti offers to its customers such as:

Euro-Business: Air Dolomiti Euro-Business Class is the premium cabin class offered by the airline. It has some benefits such as, complimentary snacks and drink service, blocked adjacent seats, and A coat hook at each seat. Moreover, business fliers are entitled to priority boarding and check in and baggage handling.

In the Euro-Business Class cabin, passengers can enjoy a comfortable flight experience with 16 seats arranged in pairs. Additionally, one seat is blocked to provide extra space.

Economy Class: Air Dolomiti’s Economy Class is their standard cabin class option for passengers. With a seat pitch of up to 30 inches and a seat width of 18 inches, Economy Class provides comfortable seating. Complimentary cookies and water are provided for Economy fliers, and for those who prefer, SpazioItaliaBar service offers a variety of food and drinks available for purchase.

Seat Selection

Air Dolomiti qualifies the customers to choose the seat in advance of the departure or while booking the flight. However, they can possibly choose the seat such as aisle, window or extra legroom upto the check in accessibility. Otherwise, requesting a seat at the airport while checking in would be the only option. The seat selection service is free for the business class fliers, whereas airlines charge from the economy class fliers to choose the seat in advance.

Inflight Entertainment & Wifi

Passengers can enjoy free in-flight entertainment on Air Dolomiti flights by simply connecting their device to the onboard WiFi network. It is a convenient and easy way to stay entertained during the flight.

The system includes a variety of content, such as TV shows, movies, music, e-journals, podcasts, flight information, and destination guides. one can even install the Air Dolomiti app to access the system conveniently.

If someone wants to use the WiFi for internet browsing, they must pay for a package that suits their needs. The charges vary depending on the route and the distance of the flight. One can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Travelers can head to the WiFi page of the Airline Inflight portal to review the prices for the flight.

Check in

Air Dolomiti introduced the check-in option online to the customers so that they could avoid any hassle while checking in for the flight. The airline opens an online check-in portal 23 hours before departure. Fliers can check in online by logging in to the Air Dolomiti website or using the Air Dolomiti app. One must enter their surname and PNR code to retrieve their reservation and continue with the check-in prompts. One must ensure to check in online as soon as it opens. The online channel for check-in closes 2 hours before the flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

Join the Miles & More loyalty program from Air Dolomiti, which is also a part of the Lufthansa Group. As a frequent flier, you can earn and redeem miles on Air Dolomiti flights. Not only that, but you can take advantage of exclusive benefits like priority boarding, access to lounges, and extra baggage allowance. To sign up for Miles & More, simply register online for free.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Air Dolomiti, a subsidiary of Lufthansa and a member of the esteemed Star Alliance, has established codeshare partnerships with All Nippon Airways, Air China, Air Canada, and United Airlines. Such agreements entail multiple airlines collaborating on the same flight and utilizing their respective flight numbers, offering passengers greater convenience and flexibility when booking flights across different carriers.

Pet Policy

Air Dolomiti entitles small dogs and cats to travel with the fliers in the cabin. Pets traveling in the cabin must be at least 12 weeks older. The total weight of the pet and its carrier must not be more than 8 kg for cabin travel or 32 kg for hold travel. Customers are supposed to contact Air Dolomiti at least 48 hours before to book a spot for the pet. Meanwhile, a valid pet passport and other documents are essential as per the destination airport.

Unaccompanied Minor

Air Dolomiti includes an Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMNR) for the kids traveling alone. However, the airline qualifies this service only for those kids who are between 5 and 11 years old. This service is even mandatory for the restricted age group of kids to fly alone. Otherwise, they won’t travel alone. Moreover, this service is an option for kids between 12 and 17 years old.


Air Dolomiti has lounge services at certain airports. Business fliers and frequent flier program members can conveniently access the lounge service. Depending on the status of credit and miles, it depends on who can leverage the lounge services at the selected airport.

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