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ExpressJet Airlines

ExpressJet Airlines, formerly known as United Express and frequently referred to as simply “ExpressJet,” was a regional airline in the United States with its main office in College Park, Georgia, near Atlanta. The company ran regional flights for United Airlines under the United Express name and was a subsidiary of the airline. ExpressJet mostly operated internal US flights, though it also served Canada and Mexico.

The airline launched United and United Express flights in 2009, but it did so using an aircraft bearing the ExpressJet logo. A year later, the airline agreed to a long-term contract with United Express to keep flying United-branded aircraft for the latter. 2018 saw United acquire a portion of the airline.

Baggage Allowance

As I have indicated, ExpressJet Airlines now only runs flights as the Aha! leisure brand and no longer operates flights under its own name. Therefore, the amount of luggage allowed on flights operated by ExpressJet Airlines depends on the partner airline for whom ExpressJet is acting as an agent.

For instance, you must adhere to American Airlines’ baggage rules if you are traveling on an American Eagle trip run by ExpressJet. Similar to this, you must adhere to Delta Airlines’ baggage policy if you are traveling on a Delta Connection trip run by ExpressJet.

However, you must adhere to Aha!’s luggage policy if you are traveling on an ExpressJet-operated Aha! aircraft. Each passenger is permitted to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag for free, according to the Aha! website. The carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead compartment, and the personal item must fit under the seat in front of you. The combined size of the two objects is 22 x 14 x 9 inches. For any item, there is no weight restriction.

Cancellation & Refund

The cancellation and refund policy for ExpressJet Airlines flights is determined by the partner airline ExpressJet is flying on behalf of as ExpressJet Airlines no longer operates flights under its own name. Make sure that you follow the cancelation and refund policy of the respective airline depending on your reservations with partner airlines.

In reality, you have up to 24 hours before takeoff to change your plans and get a full refund in real money or travel credits. The form of refund depends on your fare type and airline. Cancelation on the departure would not enable you to seek refund or travel credit.

Cabin Classes

ExpressJet Airlines does not run flights under its own brand, hence it does not have its own cabin classes. Only on behalf of other airlines or under the Aha! the leisure brand does it run flights. Therefore, the cabin classes for ExpressJet Airlines flights depend on the partner airline that ExpressJet is flying on behalf of or the Aha! brand.

Seat Selection

ExpressJet Airlines does not have its own seat selection, because it does not operate flights under its own brand. It only operates flights on behalf of other airlines or as a leisure brand called Aha!. Therefore, the seat selection for ExpressJet Airlines flights depends on the partner airline that ExpressJet is flying on behalf of or the Aha! brand. brand.

Inflight Entertainment & WiFi

You must follow the partner airline on behalf of which ExpressJet Airlines might be running. So, ensure to follow the respective airlines and know whether you can find entertainment options & WiFi access or not on board.

Check in

As per the prior discussion, you might be knowing that ExpressJet Airlines is not running its own flight anymore. So, ensure to follow the partner airlines of ExpressJet Airlines and know the options as well as the respectives procedures to check in for the flight.

Food & Drinks

Depending on your booking with the respective airlines, the inflight food and drink menu will depend accordingly. Still, if you are willing to know in detail before you board then connect to the customer executive or visit the site respectively.

Further, we can assure you about the complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drink. Although, the varieties vary depending on the fare type, travel class, route and airlines.

Frequent Flyer Program

After an attempt on web search about the Frequent Flyer program of ExpressJet Airlines, we came to know that it had a partnership with Jet Airways. And that airways included the frequent flier program which is known as JetPrivilege. in 2019, the program was rebranded as InterMiles after the ceased operation of Jet Airways. InterMiles is a lifestyle and travel rewards program that enables all to earn and redeem miles on flights, shopping, hotel, dining and more.

Airline Alliance/ Codeshare Agreement

According to the web search results, ExpressJet was a regional carrier operator that operated as a United Airlines’ subsidiary under the United Express brand all through 2020. Before that, it even had codeshare agreements with Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines but those were ceased in 2010 and 2008 respectively.

A codeshare agreement is a kind of alliance between airlines that authorizes them to share the same getaway number and sell seats on each other’s flights. An airline partnership is a higher level of cooperation that entangles shared benefits, such as lounge access, frequent flier programs, and coordinated schedules

Pet Policy

Depending on the airline on behalf of which ExpressJet Airlines is operating the flight, you can bring your pet in some way, animals are allowed on flights all the time and do not require fees to be paid.

Unaccompanied Minor

ExpressJet Airlines complies with the rules set forth by the airline for which it is operating the aircraft, even if it does not have a special policy regarding unaccompanied minors. You should review the airline’s policy before making your reservation to learn more about their Unaccompanied Minor service, costs, age requirements, and flight limitations.


Although Aha!, a new low-cost carrier that debuted this month, is operated by ExpressJet Airlines, the latter does not have its own lounge. With a Priority Pass membership, which grants you access to 1,300 airport lounges and travel experiences globally, you might be allowed to enter some airport lounges.

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