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Manage Booking Swoop Airlines

Customers can manage their booking and travel information online with Swoop Airline. Customers can view the details of their reservations, change their contact information, and alter their flight schedules and itinerary. Additionally, customers can keep track of their frequent flyer miles and preferred seat locations. Additionally, customers can view flight arrival and departure times and check in online.

How To Manage Booking Option Swoop Airlines?

With the help of the Swoop manage my booking option, you can alter your swoop booking online mode and make additional changes to your flight information. You can follow the below-mentioned respective guidelines to Manage your reservations on Swoop Airlines conveniently.

  1. Using the browser, you can find an official link of Swoop Airlines.
  2. Pick the first link as a result after searching “Swoop Airlines” on the internet.
  3. Then, spot the My Bookings tab from the others.
  4. Next, you are supposed to provide Reservation Code & Last Name as well as hitting the Find my Booking button.
  5. After that, you need to determine whether you want to manage or cancel.
  6. By selecting the Manage option, you will be liable to edit the details, upgrade the seat, include other services and cancel the flight.
  7. If required, you are initiated to pay the necessary fees.
  8. Once you are all done, Swoop Airlines get you confirmation mail to your registered email id.

Options You Have Via Manage Booking Southwest Airlines

One can accomplish a lot by using the Swoop airlines manage booking option. You must access the Swoop Manage Booking option if you don’t want to wait in line to make any changes to your reservation. Anyone can change many aspects of their reservation using this option, such as;

  • Swoop Airlines Date Change
  • Swoop Airlines Flight Cancellation
  • Swoop Airlines Name Change
  • Swoop Airlines Extra Baggage
  • Swoop Airlines web check in
  • Swoop Airlines refund request
  • Swoop Airlines Seat selection and seat upgrade.

Add Extra Baggage Or Pay Fee For Overweight Luggage

When you’re finding it unfit to prepare your belongings by adhering to the free baggage allowance of Swoop Airlines then you can apply for oversize and overweight baggage allowance. According to the oversize or overweight baggage, you are allowed to carry excess baggage by some extra fee. Still, you need to ensure the bags must not exceed the weight up to 100lbs/45 and the dimension must not be more than 203cm/80in. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

If you are confused about How to add extra on your reservations via Manage Booking then you should definitely apply the steps stated below.

Visit the official website of Swoop Airlines.

  • Locate the “My Trip” or “Manage My Booking” section. Here, you can access your reservation by providing your booking reference, last name, and login information (if you have a Swoop account).
  • After accessing your reservation, search for the option to add more luggage. You may also find this section titled “Add Services” or a similar term.
  • Decide how many bags to add, pay the applicable fees, and verify the modifications.

Remember that the availability and price of additional baggage may change based on the particular fare class you have chosen, so make sure to check the baggage restrictions and costs for the flight you are on.

Seat Selection Via Manage Booking

When making your reservation, you can choose your seat on a Swoop flight, or you can do so later by going to Manage Booking. In addition, two hours prior to departure, when you check in, you have the option of choosing your seat.

When using the “Manage My Booking” or “My Trip” features on the Swoop Airlines website, you can frequently still choose or modify your seats if you have already booked a flight with the airline but did not do so at the time of booking. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Check out the website for Swoop Airlines.
  • Search for the “My Trip” or “Manage My Booking” section.
  • On the screen, enter your last name and booking reference. If you have an account, log in.
  • There should be a seat selection or modification option available once you access your reservation. The available seats along with any related costs will be shown.

How To Cancel a Flight Ticket?

Knowing the specifics of an airline’s cancellation policy is essential for astute travelers to navigate the constantly evolving realm of air travel. If the reservation is made more than seven days in advance of departure, cancellations are only accepted within 24 hours of the original date of the reservation.

To cancel a Swoop Airlines flight, you can typically do so through their official website. Here are the general steps for canceling a Swoop Airlines flight:

  1. Go to flyswoop.com to access the Swoop Airlines website.
  2. On the website, look for a “Manage My Booking” or “My Trip” section. It may say something different, but that’s usually where your reservation is.
  3. If you have an account, log in by entering your last name and booking reference.
  4. Find the cancellation option for your flight when you access your booking. You should be able to cancel using the website’s guidance.
  5. Proceed with the instructions, verify the cancellation, and go over any related costs or details regarding credits or refunds.

Reschedule Flights Via Manage Booking

Using the Manage Booking option you can change the travel date if required. Further, you can apply the steps as stated below.

  • Visit the Swoop Airlines website (flyswoop.com).
  • Find the “Manage My Booking” or “My Trip” section on the website. This is typically where you can access your reservation.
  • Enter your booking reference and last name or log in to your account if you have one.
  • Once you access your booking, check if there is an option to change your flight date online. If this option is available, the website will guide you through the date change process.
  • Follow the prompts, select the new travel dates, and review any associated fees or fare differences that may apply. Pay any applicable charges.

Web Check-in Via Manage Booking

Web check-in is a convenient way for customers of Swoop Airlines to check in for their flights from the comfort of their own devices, like a computer or smartphone. The online check-in method for Swoop Airlines is as follows:

  • Start by visiting the Swoop Airlines website (flyswoop.com).
  • Look for an option related to “Check-In” on the website. This is often located in the top menu bar, and it may be labeled as “Web Check-In” or a similar term.
  • You will be prompted to enter your booking information. Typically, you’ll need to provide:
    • Your last name (as it appears on the reservation).
    • Your booking reference number (often a six-character alphanumeric code provided in your booking confirmation).
  • Once you’ve entered your booking details, follow the prompts provided on the website. This may include verifying passenger information, selecting or confirming seats, and, in some cases, paying for any additional services or baggage fees.
  • After completing the web check-in process, you will usually be able to download, save, or print your boarding pass. It’s essential to have your boarding pass available for your journey, whether as a physical copy or a digital version on your mobile device.

Booking Correction Via Manage Booking

As you have already known that Swoop Airlines allows the customers to change the name on their booking, it’s crucial to apply the steps as given below. 

  1. Using the web search, you can visit the official page of Swoop Airlines.
  2. Once heading to the homepage, don’t forget to login.
  3. Then, you should navigate to the My Trip option.
  4. With this, you should specify your booking information and hit the find my trip tab.
  5. Next, choose the Manage Booking option and click on the change.
  6. Now, you will be entitled to change the name on your booking.
  7. Follow the instructions as prompted on the screen.
  8. To confirm the process hit the save button and click “Ok” or “Done.”

For more information, you are advised to contact Swoop Airlines customer service.

Apply For Refund Via Manage Booking

Simply follow the steps showcased below and request Swoop Airlines refund conveniently while canceling or after canceling the flight.

  1. Go to the homepage of Swoop Airlines and login to your account on www.flyswoop.com.
  2. Find My trip section on the homepage.
  3. Specify your booking information as required to retrieve your initial reservation.
  4. Once your booking is retrieved, you should find “Cancellation” or “Request a Refund.”
  5. Now, follow the process as showcased on the website and continue ahead.
  6. Meanwhile, you are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully.
  7. Once you’re done with reviewing the refund terms and conditions, click the submit button.
  8. Lastly, you should wait for the confirmation mail from the airline regarding your refund request.

If you find confusion while proceeding with the procedure described above, contact Swoop Airlines Customer Service executive instantly.

Extra Features Of Manage Booking

Swoop Airlines’ “Manage My Booking” or similar self-service portal typically offers several features and options for passengers to conveniently manage their bookings. The specific features may include:

  • View and Modify Booking Information: You can access your reservation details, including the flight itinerary, passenger information, and contact information. Depending on your fare class and ticket type, you may be able to make modifications to certain aspects of your booking, such as passenger names, contact information, or meal preferences.
  • Select or Change Seats: You can typically view the seat map for your flight and choose or change your seat assignments. Some seats may come with an additional fee, while others may be available for free, depending on your fare class.
  • Add Extras: Passengers can often add or modify services and extras, such as checked baggage, carry-on baggage, in-flight services, and special requests. Fees may apply for some services.
  • Upgrade Options: Depending on availability, you may have the option to request upgrades to a higher fare class or cabin.
  • Special Assistance Requests: Passengers with special needs or those requiring special assistance can often submit requests for services such as wheelchair assistance or dietary requirements.
  • Review and Print Itinerary: You can view and print your flight itinerary and booking confirmation.


Question 1 : How Soon Can I Check-in In Swoop Airlines Using Web Checkin??

Answer: 24 hours before your departure through one hour prior to departure, you can check in on our website.

Question 2 : Where Is My Swoop Airlines PNR and Flight Ticket Booking Reference Number?

Answer: Swoop Airlines should email you a booking confirmation as soon as you make a reservation. This email typically contains the PNR, or booking reference number. Make sure to review your inbox, making sure to look in the spam and promotions folders.

Question 3 : How Do I download an Swoop Airlines E-Ticket Using PNR Number?

Answer: Use your PNR number to download your Swoop Airlines e-ticket by doing the following easy steps:

  1. Find your PNR number.
  2. Visit Swoop Airlines’ official website and search for the “My Bookings” or “My Flights” option. To get your booking details, enter your PNR number and last name.
  3. Once your booking details are available, look for a way to download or print your ticket. Typically, this will be a PDF file that you can print off or save to your computer.

Question 4: Can I Choose Meal Or Beverages Using Manage Booking Swoop Airlines ?

Answer: No, you cannot choose or preselect a meal or beverage on Swoop Airlines.

Question 5 : How Do I Track Refund for Canceled Or Delayed Flights Swoop Airlines ?

Answer: You can get in touch with Swoop Airlines’ customer service if you haven’t heard anything regarding your refund or if you have inquiries regarding its progress. For help, give them your booking information and refund reference number.

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