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Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking–Ultimate Guide to Edit 

Passengers can manage their reservations online through Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking. This tool permits you to view your itinerary, improve your flight, choose your seats, ask for special meals, and do many other things. You find this option at the official website and on the mobile application. To avoid hindrances while proceeding with the Manage Booking procedure assure the flawless wifi connection.

How To Manage Booking Option Aeromexico Airlines

International travel is made affordable by Aeromexico’s low airline fares and courteous services. Furthermore, its services can be accessed online without having to leave your house. You may check in and make reservations online, among other things. Additionally, you can manage a flight ticket that you have already purchased by going to the Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking section of its website. However, by following the guidelines below, you can change your flight reservations.

Manage Your Aeromexico Flight Reservations by Following These Steps

  1. Visit the website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  2. Move to the Manage Booking tab.
  3. use your Aeromexico Airlines login information to sign in.
  4. You must obtain your booking after logging in.
  5. Modify the necessary details you want to do in your reservations.
  6. Once you are done with the needful changes to your booking, confirm the process and do the necessary payment.
  7. Lastly, you will get the notification.

Options You Have Via Manage Booking Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico provides a range of online capabilities to manage your reservation, including online check-in, seat selection, bag addition, controlling special services, and more. After logging into your account, you can review your current reservations and make any necessary modifications, such as:

  • Upgrading to business or first class
  • Changing your flight
  • Adding additional bags to your reservation
  • Requesting special services, such as a wheelchair or special meals
  • Viewing electronic ticket receipts
  • Requesting seat assignments
  • Booking a shuttle to or from the airport
  • Applying loyalty program miles
  • Viewing itineraries Canceling reservations or issuing refunds

Add Extra Baggage Or Pay Fee For Overweight Luggage

According to the baggage policy of Aeromexico Airlines, one can add more baggage based on their requirement. However, they must pay for each excess baggage. Customers can have extra baggage weighing no more than 20kg before web check-in. Meanwhile, For the first extra bag, one has to pay 30-120 USD depending on the international route, for the second bag 55-135 USD, for the third or the fourth bag 180-200 USD, and 5-7 bags 200-250 USD has to be paid.

If you add extra baggage weighing up to 25kg before web check-in then you should pay 30-160 USD for the first bag, 55-180 USD for the second bag, 180-295 USD for 3-4 bags, and 200-325 USD for 5-7 bags.

Further, if you add extra baggage weighing up to 20kg during check-in, you must pay 30-90 USD for the first bag, 55-135 USD for the second bag, 180-264 USD for 3-4 bags, and 250-300 USD for 5-7 bags.

You must pay $30-$120 for the first bag, $55-$320 for the second, $180-$335 for 3-4 bags, and $335-$400 for 5-7 bags when adding bags weighing no more than 25 kg during the online check-in.

Here are the steps that would be helpful for you in including more bags to your booking.

Using the global search engine you should initially find the official homepage of Aeromexico Airlines.

  1. Hit on the login button and provide the registered credential so that you continue the procedure ahead.
  2. Further, move to the My Trips tab.
  3. Then, complete the dropdown blanks with the necessary details.
  4. With this, you need to hit the left arrow button.
  5. Afterward, you are required to look for the Manage Booking option.
  6. Moreover, you should navigate to the modify/change option.
  7. Then, locate the baggage related section.
  8. Follow the directions as prompted on your screen.
  9. Valid your extra baggage purchase by doing the needful payment.
  10. Once your request is approved and confirmed you will receive a notification from the airline.

Seat Selection Via Manage Booking

Aeromexico includes a seat selection service that allows customers to choose their favorable seat from the assignment. The seat select service is valid for all the passengers except the main cabin fliers. You can continue this procedure when the check in portal is accessible. You would have to pay some fee for selecting and reserving seats as per the Aeromexico Airlines Seat Selection Policy. The Aeromexico seat choice fee may be impacted by:

The route type of your flight (domestic or international)

  • Cabin seats
  • Fare type
  • Availability of seats
  • Arrival destination
  • Time of selection

The Aeromexico seat selection online is one the easiest ways to continue the procedure. To comprehend this method, you can adhere to the steps provided.

First, use the search engine to access the website “” link.

  • The “Manage My Booking” tab may be found on the home page.
  • Your reservation information, including your “Last Name” and “Flight Confirmation” numbers, must be entered here. You may examine your reservation after providing this information.
  • To select your seats, use the “Seat Upgrade” option.
  • Analyze the Aeromexico seat map and start selecting. Now that options are accessible, you can choose the ones you want.
  • Once you are okay with the available seating arrangements, you can proceed by paying the appropriate amount.
  • Your choice of Aeromexico seats will be confirmed by this. Your registered email ID is going to be used to notify you of the same.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket

Passengers who must cancel their flight due to unavoidable circumstances will have flexibility under Aeromexico’s cancellation policy. The airline offers a variety of pricing categories with various cancellation policies.

It won’t be possible for you to change or cancel your flight if you paid a Basic fare. You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. To all fare categories, this regulation is applicable.

You can cancel your flight without paying any cancellation penalties if you bought a Flexible fare. You have three options for canceling an Aeromexico flight: online, via Aeromexico Manage Booking. This is how to revoke your flight:

  1. To access your account, go to the Aeromexico website and log in.
  2. Select the flight you want to cancel under “My Trips” on the home page.
  3. If you want to cancel your flight and get a refund, follow the guidelines.

Reschedule Flights Via Manage Booking

To acquire the desired outcome for their airline booking, travelers can make the appropriate alterations to their reservation. You can modify your flight reservations both online and offline. Users can obtain efficient help with flight fees by contacting the customer support team. You can modify your flight reservations online using the company’s website.

steps for changing the date of an Aeromexico flight.

  • You must visit Aeromexico’s official website.
  • The “My Trip” selection is located in the top panel.
  • To view all the terms and conditions of voluntary modifications, choose the modifications option by clicking on that.
  • After reading the entire post, you must visit the flight status page.
  • The flight number and last name listed on the ticket should be entered.
  • To make the changes, click the edit or pen icon.
  • After paying the various fees, press the “submit” key.

Web Check-in Via Manage Booking

Passengers can print their boarding card 48 hours in advance for domestic flights and 24 hours in advance for international flights using the Web Check-in service. Web check-in for all flights expires two hours before departure.

  1. Select the “Check-in” option at the top of the Aeromexico Airlines website (
  2. To access your reservation, type your last name, confirmation number, or e-ticket number.
  3. Review your reservation information and choose the flight you wish to check in for.
  4. Select the seat on the plane that you desire. In the event if you chose a seat when booking, you can skip this step.
  5. Verify your flight information and personal information.
  6. You can print your boarding card to bring to the airport once your information has been verified. Additionally, you have the option of saving your boarding pass to your mobile device for quick access at the airport or having it emailed or texted to you.

Booking Correction Via Manage Booking

Aeromexico Name Correction/Change Policy – Passengers may make necessary name changes on the ticket with the Mexican airline Aeromexico. Traveling on an aircraft with the incorrect name information on the PNR is against the law. Therefore, it must be fixed before boarding an aircraft.

Through the Manage Booking area, passengers can ask for the name to be corrected. You must pay the name correction fee and any applicable fare difference after updating your name. Use the airline’s website to change the name by doing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to and click on My Booking.
  2. To retrieve the reservation, enter the reservation number and the passenger’s last name.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, choose the passenger and select the ‘Correct name’ tab on the flight summary page.
  4. Fill in the required field with the right name.
  5. Verify the details of the alterations, which also contains the total amount due.
  6. Confirm the modifications after completing the payment process.
  7. The changed name will be confirmed on both the booking confirmation and the electronic tickets that you will get.

Apply For Refund Via Manage Booking

Online is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to claim a refund request without interrupting the comfort zone.

  1. Visit the official Aeroméxico internet site.
  2. To log into your account, enter your log-in details.
  3. Pick ‘Manage My Booking’ from the available choices.
  4. Add the details of your canceled reservation.
  5. Navigate to your canceled ticket.
  6. The ‘Refund’ option is located at the bottom of the relevant page.
  7. To apply for a refund, click on it and fill out all the necessary information.

Extra Features Of Manage Booking

Take advantage of the Manage Booking option to add extra services to improve your vacation experience. Aeromexico provides choices

Special Meal Requests

Aeromexico Airlines places a high premium on accommodating the dietary needs of its passengers. You can easily order vegetarian, kosher, or made without gluten meals using the manage booking transmit if you have any particular dietary needs. Your in-flight experience will be improved if your dietary requirements are satisfied.

Adding Extra Baggage

Sometimes you need a little bit more luggage space while you’re traveling with everything you need. You can easily add more checked luggage according to your needs using the Manage booking platform. This helps you carefully plan your packing and avoids last-minute shocks at the airport.

Managing Frequent Flyer Miles

Managing your loyalty program information is crucial if you travel frequently. You may monitor your miles and redeem them for prizes using the manage booking interface by connecting your frequent flyer account. You can maximize the advantages of your reward program thanks to this function.

Adding Travel Insurance

With the use of the Manage Booking platform, Aeromexico Airlines makes it simple to add travel insurance choices, giving you peace of mind while traveling.

Adding Special Requests

If you have specific dietary requirements or require assistance due to reduced mobility, Aeromexico Airlines Manage Booking lets you add special requests to your booking. This ensures that your needs are accommodated during your flight.


Question 1 : How Soon Can I Check-in In Aeromexico Airlines Using Web Checkin??

Answer: On domestic flights, you can check in 48 hours prior to departure and 24 hours prior to takeoff.

Question 2 : Where Is My Aeromexico Airlines PNR and Flight Ticket Booking Reference Number?

Answer: Your PNR code and personal flight information are delivered to you through email or SMS once you purchase your ticket online.

Question 3 : How Do I download an Aeromexico Airlines E-Ticket Using PNR Number?

Answer: follow the below listed steps to take print of your e-ticket.

  • visit the airline’s web page.
  • Navigate to the Edit/Manage Booking option.
  • The passenger whose ticket has to be downloaded must enter their PNR number and last name.
  • Then choose Get/Retrieve Schedule. You can download a flight reservation from this screen.

Question 4: Can I Choose Meal Or Beverages Using Manage Booking Aeromexico Airlines?

Answer: By using the Manage Booking tool on the Aeromexico Airlines website, you can select your meal or beverage.

Question 5 : How Do I Track Refund for Canceled Or Delayed Flights Aeromexico Airlines ?

Answer: To check on the status of your refund, go to the Aeromexico Manage Your Booking website. You can use these steps to access this feature:

  • To locate your booking, enter your last name and the reference number for your reservation or ticket.
  • You may check the progress of your refund by choosing the Refund Request option once you have entered your booking.

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