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Manage Booking American Airlines

If you’ve got a slight change to your travel plan after American Flights reservations and are a bit conscious about the amount you’ve spent on it. Then, you should try American Airlines Manage Booking. Its feature allows the passengers to change flights, select seats, update contact information, and add special requests.

How To Manage Booking Option American Airline

Manage Booking is the only option at American Airlines Official site that enables the relevant passengers to edit their bookings. Besides this, if you are unable to find the option “Manage Booking” at the official site or on the mobile application, then follow the step queued below.

  1. Using the browser, you can type “American Airlines Manage Booking.”
  2. Click on the first url from the web search result.
  3. Then, enter the required details according to the portal. 
  4. After that, hit the Find Your Trip tab.
  5. With this, your current reservations will be retrieved on the screen.
  6. Now, you should choose from the given option: Check in, Redeem Trip/Flight Credit, and Manage Reservations.
  7. Once you choose Manage Reservation, select change flight.
  8. Further, do the needful changes and save.
  9. Continue and confirm the changes.
  10. Depending on the changes that you’ve made, some amount will have to be paid. 
  11. Within a few minutes, you will be notified with a confirmation message through an email or contact number regarding changes.

Options You Have Via Manage Booking American Airline

With the help of American Airlines Manage Booking, passengers can do the following updates such as;

  1. Seat upgrade
  2. Seat selection
  3. Special Requests
  4. Change or Cancel
  5. Redeem Trip or Flight Credit

Add Extra Baggage Or Pay Fee For Overweight Luggage

You might have relaxed about adding extra after the reservations, all thanks to American Airlines Manage Booking. Still, there are some restrictions that you must implement and continue with the procedure ahead.

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American Airlines allows the customers to add up to three baggage of 50 lbs each. Meanwhile, one has to pay $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second bag and $150 for the third bag. If the baggage weighs up to 51 lbs-70lbs customers have to pay $100 but when the baggage is overweight up to 71 lbs-100 lbs, one must pay $200. For oversized baggage up to 63”-126” one must pay $200.

Abiding by the limitation, you can continue ahead with the procedure explained below.

  1. Go to the official site with the help of a Web search engine.
  2. Then, log in to the site.
  3. After that, click “My Trip” and fill up the displayed portal with the booking details for which you want to request extra baggage. 
  4. This way, relevant booking including all details will appear on the screen.
  5. Now, you should tap Add Bags and add the number of bags based on your preference. 
  6. Check out the fees and choose the payment.
  7. Pay in your preferable mode of payment.
  8. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation message regarding extra baggage.

Seat Selection Via Manage Booking

Seat selection allows the customers to choose their favourable seat and also prevent separation from their companion. But it is crucial to abide by the procedure stated below to select their preferred seat in advance.

Using a mobile application or the official site, you can reserve the seat selection in advance. Ensure to continue the seat selection procedure when web check in is open. Further, with the help of the below-mentioned process you can select your preferred seat.

  1. Log in to the Official site or the mobile application.
  2. Click on “My Trips.”
  3. Mention the relevant booking details in the certain sections to retrieve your reservations.
  4. Hit the “Check in” tab.
  5. Then, navigate to “Select Seat.” 
  6. Now your preferred seat from the seat map.
  7. With this, pay the required amount in your preferred mode of payment. 

How To Cancel Flight Ticket

Abiding by the steps given below, you can conveniently cancel your flight.

  1. Using the web search go to the American Airlines Manage Booking page.
  2. Mention the details of your booking in the respective field.
  3. Don’t forget to hit the Find Your Trip button.
  4. Find your booking open on the screen.
  5. Navigate to Manage Booking.
  6. On selecting Manage Booking, you will have the option “Cancel.”
  7. Now, you can continue with the prompts as visible on the screen to cancel the flight.
  8. Depending on the fare rules, you might have to pay the penalty. Otherwise, you can confirm the process and seek the notification regarding flight cancellations.

Reschedule Flights Via Manage Booking

You’re most welcome, if you want to postpone your travel date or the route on American Airlines. With the help of Manage Booking you can reschedule or re-route. However, the rescheduling flights depend on the seat and flight accessibility on your expected date. Further, using the steps explained will be helpful for you in rescheduling or re-routing.

  1. Visit American Airlines Official Website.
  2. Login to the website.
  3. Choose “My Trip.”
  4. Update the given fields with the required details such as booking reference and Passenger last name.
  5. Hit “Find Your Trip.”
  6. Navigate to the Manage Booking option.
  7. Select the change option.
  8. Depending on your preference you can select Reschedule the flight or reroute.
  9. Proceed with the respective procedure and do the needful payment.
  10. Lastly, seek the confirmation notification regarding rescheduling date or re-route. 

Web Check-in Via Manage Booking

American Airlines offers web check in rather than check in option at the airport to all its customers. Web check in is an online option that entitles all the passengers to a hassle-free and convenient check in.

The web check in starts 48-24 hours prior to the scheduled flight and it continues up to 60 minutes prior to the flight departure. To web check in you must access a mobile application or the official site. Once you access any of them, you need to open “My Trip.” After that you need to click on the check in option. This way, you should continue with further instructions on the screen and check in conveniently.

Booking Correction Via Manage Booking

With the help of American Airlines Manage Booking, you can correct the errors you’ve committed while booking the flight. To continue corrections to your booking via Manage Booking, you need to adhere to the sequence mentioned below.

  1. Go to the American Airlines official website using a web search engine.
  2. Enter your booking details such as passenger last name and booking reference.
  3. Click on the Find Your Trip Button.
  4. On a new page, you should select Manage Booking.
  5. Then, you should navigate to change.
  6. Afterward, you will be liable to make corrections to your name.
  7. With this, you save the changes and confirm.
  8. At the end, you will get a confirmation message to your registered contact details. 

Apply For Refund Via Manage Booking

To request for a refund online via American Airlines Manage Booking, you should follow the steps are here:

  1. First and foremost, you need to access the Receipts and Refunds page on the American Airlines website.
  2. If you booked your flight or related travel products and services on American Airlines, there is a refund request or reviewing refund status possibility by clicking on Request a Refund.
  3. You need to contact Travel agent or another website owner if you have bought an air ticket through any of them.
  4. Once you access the Request a Refund page, you will be supposed to enter Ticket number and Passenger last name and click on the submit button.
  5. Further, continue with the instruction visible on the screen.
  6. Lastly, submit and the approval notification. 

For any clarification or assistance related to refund requests, you should not delay in connecting with the American Airlines Call center.

Extra Features Of Manage Booking

With the help of American Airlines Manage, neither customers can only update or cancel but even add extra services to their reservations. However, one should pay some amount as per the services they include on the reservations. To add special services such as extra seat or legroom, pet service, wheelchair assistance, extra baggage, and more, you should click on “My Trip.” After that, you should mention your booking details to retrieve your trip on American Airlines. Then, you will be provided options on the new page. Choose, Manage Booking and then, navigate to special requests. This is how you can add or request extra comfort or services.


Question 1 : How Soon Can I Check-in In American Airlines Using Web Checkin?

Answer 1 : You can check-in American Airlines via Web checkin within 24 hours before the departure.

Question 2 : Where Is My American Airlines PNR and Flight Ticket Booking Reference Number?

Answer 2 : American Airlines PNR and Ticket Booking reference number is Six Digit Number that you can seek from your flight itinerary which is emailed to you by American Airline travel Agent.

Question 3 : How Do I download an American Airline E-Ticket Using PNR Number?

Answer 3 : Using Manage Booking, you should Retrieve your initial reservations. Once you do that, click on view/ change reservations. On the other page, you will have an option “View/Print Receipts and Tickets.” Now select the ticket you want to print. Then click on the download button.

Question 4: Can I Choose Meal Or Beverages Using Manage Booking American Airlines ?

Answer 4: You can select your preferred meal or beverage via American Airlines Manage Booking, yes. However, depending on the length of the journey and the destination, different food and beverage options might be offered.

Question 5 : How Do I Track Refund for Canceled Or Delayed Flights American Airlines ?

Answer 5 : To track the Refund Status you should go to the Receipts and Refunds page. This option can be found at the bottom, under help, on American Airlines home page. If you booked your flight via American Airlines Official site, click on check the status of a refund option. This way you can review the refund status.

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