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Complete Guide on Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking

Do you have a trip scheduled with Sun Country Airlines? Do you have questions about Sun Country Airlines reservation management? Stop searching because we have you covered! This detailed tutorial will take you step-by-step through the Sun Country manage Booking process and provide you all the knowledge you need to easily manage your Sun Country Airlines tickets.

How to Manage Sun Country Airlines Reservations?

You may easily and quickly manage your Sun Country Airlines reservations by following a few easy steps. This is how:

Step-1 Go to the Sun Country Airlines website.

Start by going to Sun Country Airlines’ official website to manage your reservations.

Step-2 Select “Manage Travel” from the tabs.

Click the “Manage Travel” option at the top of the homepage after you’ve reached the Sun Country Airlines website.

Step-3 Type Your Booking Information in.

To access your reservation, provide your booking information, including your confirmation number and last name.

Step-4 Decide which option you want to change.

After gaining access to your reservation, select the setting you want to change. You can change your flight’s specifics, such as the departure or arrival times, or you can add extras, like luggage or seat preference.

Step-5 Comply with the Directions.

To modify your reservation as you see fit, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Before making any revisions, be careful to review the terms and conditions because you could have to pay a fee.

Options You Have Via Manage Booking Sun Country Airlines

Below are the following possibilities that exist through Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking.

  • Seat Upgrade
  • Seat Selection
  • Date Change
  • Name Correction
  • Add Extra Baggage
  • Flight cancelation
  • Refund Request
  • Pre-order meals
  • Refund status
  • Web Check in and more.

Add Extra Baggage Or Pay Fee For Overweight Luggage

On Sun Country, you will be charged $25 to $40 for each carry-on item that does not fit underneath the seat in front of you. The dimensions of carryon luggage cannot exceed 24 x 16 x 11 inches, including wheels and handles.

It usually costs $30–$40 to check one piece of luggage on Sun Country that weighs up to 50lbs and measures 62′′ (L+W+H) or less.

It costs $40 per bag to check excess luggage, which Sun Country defines as your second or more checked bags.

A bag is deemed overweight if it weighs more than 50lbs. In addition to any extra baggage charges, Sun Country also charges fees for checking overweight baggage. Bags weighing 51 to 60 pounds will incur an additional $20 fee. A bag that weighs between 61 and 100 pounds will cost an extra $60 to check.

Most bags that total more than 62 inches in length, width, and height fall into the big category. When checking oversized baggage with Sun Country Airlines, there is a $100 surcharge.

These steps can be used to add additional luggage while flying with Sun Country Airlines:

1. Go to Sun Country Airlines’ online portal.

2. Select “Manage Travel” from the menu.

3. To access your reservation, enter your last name and booking confirmation number.

4. Pick the “Add Bags” or “Baggage” option.

5. Determine how many additional bags you desire to include.

6. Look over and validate the extra-bag charges.

7. Provide payment details so that the extra bags can be purchased.

8. You need to get confirmation of the extra bags as soon as the payment is processed.

You can also add more bags by getting in touch with Sun Country Airlines’ customer support or going to their ticket office at the airport. Considering the flight and the airline’s baggage policy, keep in mind that the availability of additional bags may differ.

Seat Selection Via Manage Booking

With additional comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, choosing a seat on Sun Country Airlines can have many positive effects for you. The explanations for why you would opt to select a seat in advance are listed below.

In accordance with Sun Country Airlines’ seat selection policy, passengers have the option to choose their seat at the time of flight booking, online prior to departure, and after check-in. Additionally, you have the option to select your seat before boarding the plane at the airport. Moreover, you can book your preferred seat using the techniques listed below.

1. Access the Sun Country Airlines Official Homepage.

2. Tap on “My Trips” at the top of the page.

3. Mention your confirmation number and last name.

4. Press the “Find My Trip” option.

5. Select the flight for which you wish to choose a seat, then click “View/Change Seats.”

6. From the available seats, choose the one you desire.

7. Completing your seat selection involves following the instructions.

When making your flight reservation or by getting in touch with Sun Country customer support, you can also choose a seat.

How To Cancel Flight Ticket

If you purchase your ticket at least seven days (178 hours) preceding departure, you can terminate your flight or itinerary within 24 hours of reservations under Sun Country’s 24-hour cancellation policy. Regardless of the type of ticket you have, you will receive a full refund if you cancel it within the 24-hour deadline.

It should be noted that the 24-hour cancellation policy only applies to regularly announced fares; it does not, however, cover reservations for group travel, tours, Sun Country Vacation packages, land products, or other non-air items and activities.

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Determine My Trips
  3. Enter your last name and 6-character reservation code on the following page.
  4. Select “Manage My Trip” from the menu.
  5. Choose a flight.
  6. To cancel it, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Reschedule Flights Via Manage Booking

The majority of travelers often have one query. Can the flight date and time be changed? The answer is, thankfully, yes. It is even simpler to implement the adjustments. You are not need to endure any drawn-out procedures or long journeys. These days, you can adjust things on your own. Make all the necessary changes to your itinerary with assurance. Sun Country Airlines’ Manage Booking feature makes it feasible. Additionally, this is only accessible via the official website.

Do you require assistance with making the changes? Observe these steps:

  1. Without a doubt, the initial step is always to go to the Sun Country Airlines webpage.
  2. By using the credentials, you can log in.
  3. Next, locate the flight for which you wish to make the adjustments.
  4. Select Change Date/Time from the drop-down menu.
  5. To simply change your flight, follow the on-screen instructions to learn about Sun Country’s change flight policy.
  6. Entering the new date and time brings the process to a close. You could be required to make specific payments if necessary.

Web Check-in Via Manage Booking

Both online and airport check-in options are available through Sun Country Airlines. 24 hours before your scheduled departure time, you can check in online. You can print your boarding card or have it forwarded to your mobile device. At least two hours before your scheduled departure time, you can check in at the airport.

You need to follow the steps below if you want to do web check-in conveniently.

  1. Using any search engine of your choice, locate the Sun Country official website.
  2. Login to your registered account associated with Sun Country Airlines.
  3. Then, hit the Manage tab.
  4. Further, you should click on the check in option.
  5. Mention the details as asked through the blanks on the web check in page.
  6. Now, continue as per the prompts displayed on the screen.
  7. Meanwhile, you have the option to view and download.
  8. By clicking on the download button, you can take print of the ticket.

Booking Correction Via Manage Booking

You are required to follow the underneath steps for the booking correction via Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking.

  1. Navigate, the carrier’s main website.
  2. The next step is for the user to log in with their registered credentials.
  3. The ‘Manage Booking’ tab is located on the homepage and is another option for applicants.
  4. You can now fill up the blanks with your family name and booking code number.
  5. The list of reservations will appear on the following page. Make the appropriate decision.
  6. Additionally, you can choose the right alternatives to change the name as needed.
  7. Please note that the spelling of your name must match the one in your passport.
  8. If a service charge applies, pay it before collapsing the process.
  9. Sun Country will send a confirmation email regarding name changes/corrections at the end.

If you come across any confusion while proceeding with the procedure as mentioned above, you can connect with the authorized executive over a call. Or else, you can even use email support to get through them when the phone number goes busy.

Apply For Refund Via Manage Booking

The next action is to start the refund procedure if you qualify for one under Sun Country’s terms and conditions. This is how you do it:

  1. Visit the official Sun Country website and select “My Trips” from the menu on the home page.
  2. To access your reservation, type your last name and reservation number.
  3. To cancel or refund a flight, choose it and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. If you’re having trouble canceling your flight online, you can call Sun Country’s customer service team for assistance.

Extra Features Of Manage Booking (100 Characters- Other Request you can made like carrying Pet, Children , Add Extra Seat, Request Itinerary Receipt, Seat Upgrade ,Check Flight Status, Reward Point Check ETC)

Here are some more advantages of Sun Country Airlines’ booking system:

1. Flight Change: If your travel plans have changed, Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking enables you to amend or change your flight itinerary, date, time, or destination. If you choose, you can also move up to a higher class.

2. Seat Selection: Using Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking, you can choose the seat of your choice on the plane. You can choose seats with more legroom, seats near the window or aisle, or seats with more privacy if they are available, using the seat selection option.

3. Meal Preference: Through Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking, you can also choose your preferred meal. To accommodate its passengers’ tastes, the airline provides a variety of meals, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and special meal options.

4. Baggage Information: If necessary, Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking also allows you the ability to check your baggage allowance, add more baggage, or even upgrade to a larger baggage allowance.

5. Online Check-in: To check in online, use Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking. With the help of this tool, you may speed up the boarding pass process and skip the lengthy airport lines.

6. Pre-ordering in-flight entertainment selections for your forthcoming flight is also possible with Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking. Movies, TV series, games, music, and other media are included.

In general, Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking is a helpful tool that enables you to easily and conveniently manage your trip plans.


Question 1 : How Soon Can I Check-in In Sun Country Airlines Using Web Checkin??

Answer: 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time and ending an hour prior to departure, online check-in is available.

Question 2 : Where Is My Sun Country Airlines PNR and Flight Ticket Booking Reference Number?

Answer: You can find PNR or Booking Reference through your itinerary sent by the airline through an email once your flight booking is done.

Question 3 : How Do I download a Sun Country Airlines E-Ticket Using PNR Number?

Answer: With the help of Manage Booking firstly retrieve your booking. Then, find the view/download. Choose the ticket you want to download. Tap on the download button and take a print.

Question 4: Can I Choose Meal Or Beverages Using Manage Booking Sun Country Airlines?

Answer: Unfortunately, there are no pre-order meals for the customers on Sun Country Airlines.

Question 5 : How Do I Track Refund for Canceled Or Delayed Flights Sun Country Airlines?

Answer: To track the refund status on Sun Country Airlines, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Sun Country Airlines website.

2. Navigate to the “Manage Travel” or “Manage My Booking” section.

3. Enter your Booking Reference/PNR number and the last name of the main passenger.

4. Click on the “Retrieve Booking” or similar button.

5. Once your booking details are displayed, look for any refund-related information or options.

6. If no refund information is available online, you can contact Sun Country Airlines directly through their customer service helpline or via email.

7. Provide the necessary details such as your booking reference, flight details, and reason for refund request.

8. The customer service representative will assist you and provide updates on the status of your refund.

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