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Air Baltic–Top-notch Experience of Travel

Air Baltic is the national carrier operator of Latvia. The airline flies to more than 70 destinations across various countries such as Europe, Asia and the Middle east. This is all possible because of the codeshare agreement with the various airlines such as KLM, Etihad Airways, Air France and more.  

Air Baltic has distinctive inflight service based on three major cabin classes such as economy, premium, and business class. Each class has its own-kind of inflight service, so there could be a price difference while booking the flight. 

Air Baltic flights are available on round trip and one-way trips. One way trip refers to a flight booked for the destination. Round trip allows the fliers to book the flight for the destination and return to the origin. 

The bookings are open online and at the airport with limited discounts. Depending on your convenience, you should book the flight as soon as possible. 

Baggage Allowance Policy

Air Baltic Baggage Allowance often depends on routes and destination and fare class. Still, you can follow the general rule of the baggage allowance on Air Baltic. With this, you can avoid extra payment at check in point at the Airport.

Carry-on Baggage

In the cabin, customers can bring one carry-on baggage for free. The size of the bag must not exceed 55X40X23 Cm and weight must be 12kg. In addition to the carry-on baggage, one can even carry any of their personal items which must not be more than 30X40X10 cm.

Checked Baggage

There is no free checked baggage allowance for economy fliers in the cabin. On other hand, Airline allows the customers on business class flights to carry two checked baggage of 40 kg for free. Premium economy class fliers are allowed to carry one piece of the checked bag on the flight which must not exceed the weight 20 kg. Otherwise, they will be subjected to the baggage fees for exceeding size and weight.

Cancellation & Refund

One can cancel the flight anytime within the due date of the trip. Later, they don’t have any possibility to cancel the flight and claim the refund as well. If you want full reimbursement for canceling the flight, then you must do it within 24 hours of the reservation. Later on, you might be liable to get a partial refund or nothing.

Refund request accessibility is dedicated only to customers who have their reservations on business or premium economy(refundable fare). However, airlines offer compensation like travel vouchers to economy-class fliers (non-refundable fare holders).

One has two ways to cancel a flight and request a refund, i.e., They can connect with the experts or do it on their own, using a mobile app or the official site.

Cabin Classes

Air Baltic travel experience is accessible in three various cabin classes such as economy, premium, and business class. Each of them includes its idealistic features that one can seek and differentiate among only by trying for once on their own. Further, here’s some brief information on each cabin class of Air Baltic Airways.

Economy: Travelers traveling on Economy class have no potential to carry any checked baggage for free. Rather, they should pay for meals and seat selection. However, they can enjoy free cabin baggage of 8kg on the flight.

Premium: To enjoy free seat selection, complimentary meals and drink services,  priority check in, and priority boarding, customers should choose premium class while booking the flight online. Premium fliers are eligible to carry one checked baggage for free on the flight.

Business: Fliers traveling on the business class flight are liable to leverage the free services of the airline such as free meals and drinks on board. Rather than this, one can even get free lounge access, two checked bags for free on the flight, and priority boarding and check in.

Seating configuration is the same through all the travel classes of the airline. Depending on your choice for the classes, you will have to pay the booking value accordingly. For any clarification, you can get through the executive.

Inflight Entertainment & WiFi

You might be disappointed after knowing that AirBaltic does not feature an inflight entertainment system through any of the travel classes. However, it will fix inflight wifi service on all its aircraft soon. The wifi service will be free to all the customers regardless of the cabin class. Till, then customers can manage on their own for an enjoyable trip.

Food and Drinks

On traveling with Air Baltic Airline, customers have the option to choose from a wide collection. Depending on the cabin class, fliers will have the menu accordingly. To leverage the food and drinks based on the preference and favorites, one can utilize the pre-order service.

According to this one has to connect with the executive 24 hours before or else follow the online prompts. If anyone does so, they win the possibility to pick from more than 70 luscious dishes. Hot meals, cold starters, salads, sandwiches, desserts and drinks are some of the pre-ordered menus.

The menu includes local as well as seasonal ingredients and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Check in

Web Check in: Keeping the convenience of the customers in mind, Air Baltic has featured web check in service. With this, customers do not have to face hassle to check in at the airport. The web check is accessible from 5 days to 1 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Self Service Kiosk: If you are unable to check in online due to any reason, then arrive at the airport two hours before the flight as the check in via self service kiosk is accessible upto 60 minutes before departure.

Frequent Flyer Program

Air Baltic Airlines has a loyalty programme called Air Baltic Club. This program is designed for all the fliers. Anyone can join this program for free and earn points on booking flights with Air Baltic or the partner airlines like Air France and KLM. Being a member of the Loyalty program, one can even earn points for hotels, rental cars, online shopping, buying a gift card and more. The points are redeemable for the reward tickets, baggage voucher and seat upgrade.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

Although Air Baltic has not yet joined an airline alliance, it has codeshare arrangements with a few other airlines to offer its passengers more connections and destinations. A codeshare arrangement is a contract between two or more airlines that qualifies them to share flight numbers and sell seats on each other’s flights. Here’s the list of airlines with which Air Baltic has signed a codeshare agreement.

Unaccompanied Minor

Air Baltic has Unaccompanied Minor service for the kids who want to travel without any companion. Still, the kids must be within 5 and 11 years old to qualify this service. None of the extra fee rather than nominal booking value will be charged from the customers. One must connect with the Air Baltic Call center at least 24 hours earlier than the travel to book Unaccompanied minor fare.

Pet Policy

Air Baltic offers pet policy and allows the customers to travel with furry friends. Dogs and cats are the only pets that are acceptable in the cabin or the cargo. Pets cannot travel with the customers when they fly from/to the UK, United Arab Emirates, and Ireland.


Business Class passengers on Air Baltic and airBaltic Club VIP members receive lounge service. These travelers can take use of the convenience and comfort of the lounges at various airports across the world, where they can work, unwind, or rehydrate before their journey.

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