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French airline Aigle Azur was established in 1946. The airline provides scheduled and charter services to locations in Asia, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Paris Orly Airport serves as Aigle Azur’s primary hub. The airline has codeshare arrangements with a number of other airlines and flies an Airbus fleet. Aigle Azur declared bankruptcy and shut down in 2019.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Aigle Azur baggage allowance genuinely was depending on the fare class and destination. Here are some general rules that one used to follow while preparing the baggage for Aigle Azur travel experience.

Carry-on Bag

There is an exception only for one baggage to the customers on economy and business class flight. On economy class flights, customers were liable to carry baggage weighing up to 10 kg. Beside this, business fliers were allowed to carry 15 kg baggage in the cabin.

Checked Bag

Business fliers were eligible to carry one checked bag of 40 kg. On the other hand, economy fliers were liable to check in one checked bag of 30 kg on the flight.

Cancellation & Refund

Aigle Azur had a cancellation policy so that the customers could cancel their flight anytime before the departure. If cancellation takes place for more than 14 hours of booking, the airline charges a fee from the airline.

The airline reimburse you for the flight cancellation if it occurs within 14 hours from the flight reservations. Otherwise, partial refund took place for the flight cancellation. The refund request took 7-10 business days to process.

To cancel or seek refund, one could use a mobile application or official site. Rather than this, customers were entitled to contact the executive for the flight cancellation or the refund.

Cabin Classes

There were two travel classes that Aigle Azur had for its travelers. Here are those travel classes which were included in Aigle Azur.

Economy Class: If you are looking for the cheapest fare and just want to travel, then economy class would be the best option. It features standard size seats with restricted legroom.

Business Class: If you have comfortable issues while traveling, you should choose Business class while booking Aigle Azur flights. It features wide seats and spacious legroom. The seats in this cabin are so enhanced than economy class. The seats can be turned into a flatbed.

Seat Selection

Aigle Azur had a seat selection policy until its operation ceased. Following the policy, customers were allowed to choose the seat. One could leverage such options anytime before the departure and the due accessibility of the web check in. However, the seat selection varied depending on the seat accessibility.

Inflight Entertainment & Wifi

Individual displays on the back of each seat served as the in-flight entertainment system for Aigle Azur, allowing passengers to watch movies, music videos, documentaries, TV series, and games. The system was connected to avionic systems and power units through wires that were concealed within the aircraft’s walls.

Additionally experimenting with virtual reality, Aigle Azur displayed their brand-new Airbus A350 aircraft. On its flights, Aigle Azur did not, however, provide wifi.

Food & Drink

Depending on the duration, location, and cabin class of the flight, Aigle Azur offered different food and beverage options. Passengers were given a complimentary snack and beverage on short-haul flights, such as a pastry, sandwich, juice, or coffee.

Travelers on long-haul flights could pick from a hot meal and beverage likewise beef with pasta, chicken with rice, wine, or soda.

A broader variety of food and drink options, featuring cheese, dessert, salad, champagne, or spirits, were available to business class and eco-premium passengers. For additional information about their food and drink service as well as reviews, click the link. Hope this was helpful.

Check in

Aigle Azur offered two options for the customers to check in for the flight. Following their convenience, they could check in online which was termed as web check in and could even check in at the airport.

One had to continue the check in process within 48-24 hours before the flight. The web check in closed one hour before the departure. Customers had to arrive at the airport 4-3 hours before departure if they wanted to check in at the kiosk.

Frequent Flyer Program

Azur Plus was a frequent flier program run by Aigle Azur, a French airline. When you travel, you can accrue miles that can be used for items like tickets, upgrades, and luggage deals. But in 2019, the airline stopped flying.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

A cooperation between airlines known as a “codeshare agreement” enables them to sell seats on each other’s flights and expand their consumer base. Several airlines, including Corsair International, Air Carabes, and TAP Air Portugal, had codeshare arrangements with Aigle Azur. However, these contracts were terminated in 2019 when Aigle Azur stopped operating.

Unaccompanied Minor

A child who travels alone without an adult chaperone is known as an unaccompanied minor. The policies and costs for unaccompanied kids vary between airlines. The French airline Aigle Azur stopped operations in 2019.

Regarding their policy on unaccompanied minors, I was unable to uncover any information. However, a few Indian airlines, including IndiGo and Etihad Airways, provide unaccompanied child services. For further information, see their websites.

Pet Policy

Customers of Aigle Azur were welcome to bring their pets, including dogs, cats, and house birds, into the cabin. The animal must be 10 weeks older, though. The animal must also have a vaccination certificate. Pets have to be healthy, clean, odorless, and quiet enough not to bother other passengers.

For passenger travel, the combined weight of the pet plus the carrier could not be more than 8 kg, and 75 kg for freight transport. Pets had to travel in an authorized carrier that could fit in the cargo hold or under the passenger’s seat in front of them.


Aigle Azur did not operate any lounge.


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