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Aero Mongolia is the second national carrier operator of Mongolia  that functions domestic flights to more than 10 destinations and international carriers  to Irkutsk in Russia and  Hohhot and Urumqi in China.

Aero Mongolia is the second national carrier operator of Mongolia that functions domestic flights to more than 10 destinations and international carriers to Irkutsk in Russia and  Hohhot and Urumqi in China.

Aero Mongolia flies to Mongolia (Ulan Bator, Tavantolgi, Olgii, Ulaangom, Altai, Murun, Khovd, Dalanzadgad, Ovoot, Oyu Tolgoi), China (Hohhot) and Russia (Irkutsk).

Aero Mongolia offers a charter service, which offers a flexible timetable for air travel to more than ten towns and localities throughout Mongolia, with skilled crews capable of carrying out a mission. Snacks, gourmet meals, and other luxuries are available as in-flight services. 

AERO MONGOLIA airline includes specialized agreement charter services discovered to meet specific client requirements and to ensure the availability of aircraft and crews on a dedicated basis. 

Baggage Allowance Policy

Carry-on Baggage

Travelers on Aero Mongolia flights are eligible to bring a maximum of 5kg of carry-on bags.

The carry-on bag must be easy to fit in the overhead lockers above you or under the seat before you.

Checked Baggage

Aero Mongolia passengers are permitted a maximum of 15kg in checked luggage. However, carry-on luggage is also included in the 15kg weight restriction. As an illustration, if a traveler only has 5 kg of carry-on luggage, they would still have 10 kg of checked luggage available.

Cancellation & Refund

As long as the travel is still more than seven days away, the airline often allows clients to cancel Aero Mongolia booking flights and obtain a full refund within 24 hours of placing the ticket. Depending on the type of ticket they bought and the route being taken, a client may be charged a cancellation fee if they change their flight reservation after 24 hours or less than 7 days before the trip.

Cabin Class

Aero Mongolia only offers one fare category, which is economy class. Aero Mongolia offers the following fare classes: The seats are 32 inches in height and 17 inches wide. On some flights, a little food or beverage may be provided.

Seat Selection

According to Aero Mongolia one is liable to choose and purchase their preferable seat in advance of the departure or while booking the flight. To select the seat, you might have to pay. If you want to select the seat in advance on Aero Mongolia flights, then login to the official site or mobile application and access the Manage Booking option. Further, continue ahead as per the instruction visible on the screen.

In-flight Entertainment & WIFI

Regretful to inform you that Aero Mongolia does not feature any Inflight entertainment option nor any WiFi access to the fliers on board.


Aero Mongolia includes online and offline methods. According to the online method, you are supposed to login to the official site or mobile application. The web check in starts 48-24 hours before the departure and closes 60 minutes prior to the flight.

In case you are planning to check in for the flight offline, ensure to arrive at the airport at least 4-3 hours earlier than the departure.

Food & Drink

As per the web search we have found that there is no option of any inflight food and drink. However, Aero Mongolia might have the option of complimentary snacks & non-alcoholic drinks for the travelers on board. For more clarification, you can directly contact the Aero Mongolia executive.

Frequent Flyer Programme

Aero Mongolia’s frequent flyer program is called Skymiles. Through this service, customers can accrue savings for every kilometer they travel with Aero Mongolia.

Fokker 50 and Boeing 737-700 aircraft make up Aero Mongolia’s fleet. ‘Satisfying Honor’ was given to Aero Mongolia in 2004 by the Mongolian Western Region Research Centre, and ‘Quality White Golden Star’ was given to it by the World Quality Committee in 2008.

Airline Alliance/Codeshare Agreement

No significant airline alliance, such as SkyTeam, Star Alliance, or Oneworld, includes Aero Mongolia. The official flag carrier of Mongolia, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, has a codeshare arrangement with it, though. This implies that both airlines can provide customers with smooth connections by selling seats on each other’s flights.

Pet Policy

A clear pet policy is not listed on Aero Mongolia’s website. However, you might be able to get in touch with them personally and inquire about their requirements and costs for pet-friendly travel.

You can reach out to them directly to find out more about their requirements and costs for a pet-friendly travel. As an alternative, you could check MIAT Mongolian Airlines’ (which codeshares with Aero Mongolia) pet policy.

On the majority of their flights, they allow dogs to fly as checked luggage and in the cabin, but you must present a health certificate, a rabies vaccination certificate, and an import authorization from the Mongolian authorities.

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